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  1. I'm officially done spending money with NCSOFT

    That makes no sense. This is literally my first time taking part (for 100 bucks) in an RNG event and you're putting in a group with people that have already been burnt. You see how over reaching you are now? It'd be different if i was saying this a few months ago or even saying this last event. (which i only spent about 20 bucks) So what you'd rather me do is shut up and tuck my tail so NO ONE ELSE CAN LEARN WITH ME? My message is LOUD and clear. Even youtubers are making videos warning people NOT TO BUY. So i have no effect at all? You're severely underestimating this thread's view count and how many people (who may be sitting on the toilet) is reading my posts. Whether they agree with me or not, my message is getting heard. You're accomplishing nothing by attempting to down play my "statement" as a knee jerk reaction to failure. I'm most likely older then you and i can assure you i don't play those type of games. Just because i spent 5k on something i enjoy doesn't mean i'm some type of fool. A fool would be someone that does the same thing they've done before expecting a different result. I got burned once and said i'm done, yet here you are to call me a fool early. Allow me to make my mistake, voice my complaint and move the hell on. Instead, you're trying to shut me up like you work for NCSOFT hoping i'm all talk and can't wait for winter trove to make it rain again. I may have played myself but don't you dare imply i lost a damn thing out of all of this, okay? 100 bucks lost or thousands bucks saved? You saw my past spending venture, so you tell me if i really lost here!
  2. I'm officially done spending money with NCSOFT

    This is too easy, i shouldn't even go in on you. 1. and 2.: Your sources huh? Suuuuuure! I'll give you the undeserved benefit of the doubt and play along. So you have the overhead from NCSOFT and you refuse to tell your fellow gamers if their money is being used properly because WHY? We still have shitty servers and bugs out the yin yang. You single handedly have the opportunity to whistle blow, but for no money at all, you choose to keep quiet? *cough* bullshit *cough* 3. Since you spent your own money and know where it's going because....."sources" (sarcasm and yes i did air quotes) i'll assume our money is going to the right places amirite? amirite? come on, you can let me in on the secret "wink wink" (rolls eyes) 4. YES! YES actually YES...my "QQing" as you would so juvenile-ly call it is raising awareness to not only people who are viewing this forum, but people in game who i'm saving from an overly anti consumer RNG event. Almost no one in my clan spent what they originally were going to, thanks to me. So YES....i helped save pockets. Now it's YOUR TURN. given you have sources and all.........who did YOU help? (plays jeopardy music)
  3. I'm officially done spending money with NCSOFT

    You don't know me so don't lump me in with people who make false threats. To correct you, i never made a THREAT. I made a statement, there's a difference you should learn it but i'll help you by giving you an example. A threat would be, "change your business or i'll stop buying". A statement, like i made is, "I'm officially done buying". So you tell me how i made a threat? Learn to use words properly before addressing my topics attempting to put me in my place. You sound jealous of people able to afford those 1000 box videos, why even bring it up? Who ever said anything was promised or guaranteed? I'm pissed at the rates of failure and how outlandish they are for the price to participate. It's not worth participating is the take home point here. That's anti company AND anti consumer.
  4. I'm officially done spending money with NCSOFT

    Did you come up with that yourself or did you just rehash all the other posts saying the same talking points? No, i'm genuinely curious if you actually believe what you're saying is the first time in this thread, that angle has been approached? Crying on forums? If me admitting my mistake and displeasure is tantamount to crying then shall i kindly take spiked pipe to poop hole and smile. Maybe my feedback may be useful? One rule of business is, every penny counts. Customer satisfaction may be too conservative for your current progressive yet regressive views. In my day, you treat repeat customers like small investors. The more small investors you have, the more constant flow of income you receive. If your attempt at milking money makes your investors not want to invest, HOW WOULD YOU KNOW, if they never complain? See the logic there? Does simple logic like that make sense to you? Do i need to repost this a few times so you can come to an conclusion like the conclusion you came up with when you posted? What's wrong with being a little entitled? I said myself "i don't expect the heaven's to fall from the sky" but i'd like a little foreplay before you ram it in? Is that too much to ask? Please do me a favor and go trip down a flight of stairs!
  5. A request from your consumers:

    TRUST ME! the last thing i want is a refund. I definitely got my money's worth. Why? because, i paid 100 bucks that ended up saving me 10 to 20 times that amount in the future. NCSOFT is anti future company. I don't care if they ban me for saying it. The worst thing you can do is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off a person willing to give you thousands. Who does that? Name one person or business that's going to take a huge crap on their investors for pennies? I didn't even want the wings but when i tell you got got next to nothing i mean that i couldn't even upgrade a damn baleful stage 1 weapon with what i got for a 100 bucks without selling the materials or exchanging the leaves. Look at the loot list!! That's laughable as hell.
  6. A request from your consumers:

    Prepare for an onslaught of baddies telling you how it's YOUR FAULT for participating in an event for a game you enjoy. "STOP COMPLAINING" and "CHECK REDDIT" and "YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER" are the typical bullshit responses your fellow gamers will give you. Will they help you protest? No. Will they make sure to warn next years batch of newbies? No. They'll be here with their condescending smug responses about as helpful as a blind person giving directions. What makes it worse is, this is the most anti consumer a company can get without breaking any laws. It's totally your fault for falling for it though (sarcasm). A good con artist wouldn't be a con artist if he didn't claim a few victims. I wonder how this would work for people who didn't know cigarette's give you health issues, i mean...back in the day they didn't put warnings on the label. Guess it's those damn smokers fault right? Even better, depression medicine that actually makes you worse. guess people should have done their research right? Oh but this is different....it's just a game....a cheap and easy way to con people into spending a large amount of money without knowing they're chances are next to no existent. My metaphorical middle finger to all of you. have a nice day.
  7. I'm officially done spending money with NCSOFT

    So let me get this right. I shouldn't complain because this is just the way things are? gotcha! seems like a bright future BnS has. Enjoy the merged broken servers. I'm not too keen obviously but i can smell death.
  8. I'm officially done spending money with NCSOFT

    Did you read the part where i said i've been playing for roughly 3 months? And what do you mean "people like this"? Oh the ones that keep the game running? The ones that actually support the company? The ones preventing the servers from closing and everyone fleeing back to FF14 or WoW? Yes i deserved to be laughed at. I'm laughing at myself. But i didn't see you make a "WARNING DON'T BUY RNG BOXES" thread this morning. But here you are to tell us the pan was hot AFTER we touched it and burned ourselves. How convenient.
  9. I'm officially done spending money with NCSOFT

    The RNG itself is done poorly. They should factor those percentages in a trade of value. For the people that actually care about a cosmetic item like wings, they shouldn't be the most expensive things available. The gems have more lasting effect. My problem is, i spent 100 bucks POORLY. I didn't receive anything that would allow my to upgrade a stage 1 ring to a stage 2 ring. You know how laughable that is? I literally could have more progression if i would have NOT spent on this event. I could have a maxed out ring for 100 bucks. I could have the next tier in pet or soul for 100 bucks. You know what i got instead? a 70% loss seeing as if i tried to sell the 14 xanos discs, i'd get maybe 100 gold for them LOL. I could have sold the NC COIN for triple the profit. This was just enough of a kick in the ass to realize who's the fool here. Buyer's remorse doesn't fit the context. More like falling for a card trick from a guy that knows the REAL TRICK, was fooling you into betting him.
  10. 150 Plentiful Harvest Crate opening

    I'm happy i'm not the only one that feels stupid. (misery loves company) I opened 80 boxes and got next to nothing. no premium stones, no sealed oils, nothing remotely useful in fact. I ended up with 14 maple leaves. the only thing i got that can be considered remotely decent was the 8 empyrean stones i guess. i got the outfit anyone and everyone will get. yea PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY GUYS!! i got more useful items just opening the tables you get for completing dungeons. that's 100 bucks down the drain. i feel like it would have been more useful to drop the 100 bucks in a park so a kid can buy himself a great christmas. i'm done with NCSOFT.
  11. Our clan is <tainted sky> and we're looking for any class to help fill 1 of our 3 available slots. We prefer 1k AP 950 minimum. We'd prefer you know mechanics like transport on first boss and SS for raven king. We also prefer people with experience on At least the first 3 floors. Whisper "niarelle" or "katsoyu" in game or reply here if you're interested and have more questions. We raid on thursdays @ 8:30pm est. And most of our members are fairly geared so most accessories hit the floor. FYI: We have no destroyers or assassins so all that gear would be yours, if it's needed.
  12. P2W??

    You obviously missed the last trove event lol.
  13. DO NOT upgrade you items until DEC 6th

    The only thing that may be safe to upgrade is gems or soul. Maybe Your BT earrings but nothing else.
  14. Gamepad Support?

    gamepad support is available and i personally use it. works for xbox controllers. If you want to use a ps4 controller you'll need DS4.
  15. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    Troll? no one that has posted in this topic has come remotely close to trolling. Trolling would be stating something with the intention of getting a negative rise out of people. I'm sure you're intelligent enough to know that just like i'm intelligent enough to know the REAL reason you posted. You're hoping to persecute anyone that may want to express an opinion that's different then yours. Ultimately shutting down this topic by assuming the majority has spoken and all is well in the current balancing and there is nothing here to consider.
  16. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    @maryelle: 1. you seem insistent on arguing instead of being objective. The evidence is in your face the moment you play or play against a summoner. The evidence is the communities reaction to summoners. The evidence is the win rate of summoners in the lower ranks. The evidence is in posts made by fellow summoners, explicitly proving my points by stating how independent the cat can be. 2. As far as my snarky "turn their brain on" comment. The difference is in the context in which i used it. It wasn't aimed at anyone. Do you understand now? 3. I never said people are wrong, i said they're derailing the topic by assuming i struggle against summoners. That changes the context of my post. It makes it seem as if i only want summoners to be made easier for my own selfish benefit. When in truth, my suggestion was to make summoners actually work for the perks their cat gives them by not allowing their companion to act as a PVP tank. 4. Finally, you seem to be hell bent on putting me in my place but you're failing miserably and just appearing to be stand off-ish for no reason. Yes i compare every game to games that came before it. Just because it's "blade and soul" doesn't mean it's perfect. What i'm doing, is showing passion for a game i want to succeed. Trust me, summoner isn't the only class that needs a another balancing look. As far as me being insulting, i implore you to find who i directly insulted.
  17. Any roleplaying clans on server Zulia?

    This games role play is about as existent as mc hammer's career. NCSOFT needs to really revamp the cosmetic department and implement player housing. They need a marriage system, build system, and other role play friendly features. Sad thing about this game is it has some of the best outfit selections i've seen in an MMO. Just need to build on what they have.
  18. Suggest a simple way to prevent bid scamming

    lol this has happened to me back when i was new at this game. Teaches you a lot about being trigger happy. So, lol, how much did you lose? (yes i'm assuming you got caught up)
  19. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    They said nothing about people being rude. There goes more of that "selective reading". It's obvious you aren't objective and just came to argue. THAT, is what was addressed.
  20. In the spirit of aesthetic customization, it would be a god send to have an NPC that will allow players to exchange gold or possibly naryu silver for a change in hairstyle. Currently to make such a small change would cost you 1000 NCOIN which is not worth it for such a trivial change.
  21. LAG

    I wonder who's responsible for the DDoS?
  22. Are you guys going to fix the server or what?

    yep i agree. The same thing happens with me and my internet is among the best possible. On top of that i live 5 hours away from the server in texas. During the slow hours my ping won't go higher then 70 or 80 in a "hoopa hoopa woochie" scenario. Not syaing they aren't being DDoS'd now but they really should just release another trove and let us pay for some new servers man. lol
  23. Are servers down?

    No but they should be. Rumor has it, they're getting DDOS'd
  24. LAG

    lol yea the game is pretty much unplayable.