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  1. Game became useless and anoying

    They really need to do something about the lack of gold. This next trove event will have expensive items. (rumor) the legendary elements and jewels used to cost 5 for a bundle of three. Now the bundles cost like 7 gold. Just a bunch of bad decisions one after the other.
  2. KFM or SF

    Depends on what kind of gamer you are with blade and soul. Kfm requires great ping, ani cancel and a crap ton of gear to do....subpar dps. It's also a tank and very difficult to use in pvp. If you enjoy challenges and are ready to fail a lot then stick with KFM. If you enjoy a more casual and rewarding experience then go with warlock. Everyone will want you for you utility and you can beast through pvp with the right hm skills. Kfm doesn't really become good until you have BT ready stuff and even then it's meh. Now once you get VT gear...kfm breaks loose!!! I can't spek much for soul fighter but i can assure you they are in high demand for VT groups for their rez abilities.
  3. Is NCsoft ever going to adress the latency issue

    I have a pretty beefy computer and i live close the the server and i still get "undesirable" ping. With how close i live to the server i should always be under 100. After the patch i've floated as high as 180.
  4. Please increase Lucent earring drop rate!!

    The drop rate is not good. it took me exactly 28 total runs to get it.
  5. Lucent drop rate nerfed?

    20+ runs of awakened and not one lucent jewel. I noticed they're now sealed and the drop rate of the weapons have been increased. (even though no one will use weapon path) What gives?
  6. Upcoming Humble Brag System... off switch?

    Please get rid of the boast box NCSOFT! NO ONE wants it. please! it's already annoying me to high hell.
  7. I don't understand for the life of me, why NCSOFT refuses to incentivize premium service much more. No one thinks it's attractive. It's like bettlejuice in a beauty pageant! For the i millionth time. Here are some suggestion to make the premium service much more desirable. 1. For premium level 8 and above you now have 100% free mailing to alternate characters. This will be something you can't live without should you have an alt. This is the least you can do since we don't actually receive "more gold" like it's currently listed. 2. For level 10 premium users (and above see below), you should get 6 free TEMPORARY outfit exchange tickets every month. These vouchers will expire before the next month's set are issued to prevent stacking. This will allow one free outfit exchange should people care to do so, once a month. 3. A new temporary exchange ticket is introduced for level 5 and above premium users allowing one free hair/make up change a month. Like the vouchers above, they expire before the next set is given out to prevent stacking. This will allow a change of pace minus the cost to a full character alteration voucher. 4. Add new level 11 to premium service which removes the cost for weapon alteration completely. 5. Add new level 12 to premium service which rewards allows dungeon costumes to become account bound tradable at the cost of vouchers. 6. Add new level 13 to premium service which gives 10% reduced cost to crafting outfits. (Example: i can craft the forge keepers outfit for less materials.) 7. Add new level 14 to premium service which removes the "chance of failure" from transmuting outfit pouches. 8. Add new level 15 (max level) to premium service which allows infinite wind walking in towns. Notice how i stayed away from anything that could be considered "pay to win". This will HEAVILY incentivize people to not only make more purchases to increase their premium level, but will actually make premium VERY attractive without giving premium users any real advantage outside of, a few gold saved and quality of life improvements. I can't see how this would be difficult to implement or how it would fail to turn much profit. No one wants to see this game die and adding real value to premium while making premium members feel good can only help. NOTHING is pay to win here.
  8. Unfair for GM

    ehhh i don't feel sorry for you. There are systems put in place to ensure you don't accidentally salvage anything blue and above. You prolly wanted to abuse the reroll at worst or was overtly negligent at best. Depending on the SS we're talking about, was it from BT or above? Chances are, it was or they wouldn't have much issue refunding the easy to obtain longui set. The reason i'm suspecting foul play is because your "friend" already got away with it and prolly rerolled and got crit. If were talking VT SS, (higher pieces) i'm sure the incentive to want to reroll one is alluring.
  9. KFM, SUM, or SIN

    KFM actually isn't very rewarding at all. You WILL struggle in pvp (arena/solo/tag AND 6v6) You WILL struggle to keep aggro and DPS over other classes until you're damn near max geared. I currently have "everything" except VT stuff, soul and pet maxed. I'm two octa and the rest heptag gems. I can max out DPS around low/mid 300k. Sustain roughly mid 100k. If a gunner at raven 6 is on my team, he will snatch aggro if i fail to burst absolutely PERFECT. KFM is NOT for anyone looking for simple enjoyment. KFM is a class i only recommend for masochists or people who get a thrill out of a challenge. There is no reward for perfecting "3rf" or the other MANY ani-cances the class "REQUIRES". You will do basic DPS and will struggle to keep your rhythm while avoiding being knocked around by enemies. You will have to be prefect at ani-cancel or your dps will drop dramatically. You could go fire build but you'll see that it's not optimal until you have VT gear. Wind is for single target (bosses)and pvp, fire is for AOE(mobs) 6v6 pvp with VT gear. You'll become frustrated if you're not devoted or if you try to play any way outside of casually. You'll prolly devolve into the frauds who use macro's. Just go summoner or assassin because those classes actually have reasonable returns on their investments.
  10. Divine Grace Stone availability?

    The drop rate is VERY similar to the frequency of offals and embers. I'd assume it's around the rate of the wings in this event. MEANING, you'll prolly see it some where in 1-500 runs. When you do see it, i'd suggest you keep a minimum of 3-5k worth of gold because people who "grind" that dungeon, are doing so for a reason.
  11. When does all the Christmas outfits come out

    trove rng rewards dec 20th (speculation)
  12. There should be no reason why the easiest class should be as good as it is. Currently the lowest dps is KFM (which needs a damage buff but i'll make a separate topic for that) yet KFM is the hardest class to play. Summoner is essentially this game's "mage" class yet they have decent utility and crazy damage. There is literally no other game where a class like summoner could get away with having absolutely no weaknesses. In PVE they're highly requested for their stealth and they can also heal. They can send their pet to help revive a fallen party member or even themselves. In arena PVP, there is no such thing as a terrible summoner. Their tier of terrible would be, what is considered decent, for much harder to play classes. Every summoner, remotely competent at the game, is an immediate threat regardless of the player skill. One comment you frequently hear other players say is: "OMG a summoner" or "i hate summoners"or "braindead/class carry scummoner". If you don't believe me, watch region chat in the pvp lobby during active hours. This class doesn't have a relevant weakness and that is a balance problem. Their rotation has no real ending and their "road to victory" is about as straight forward as destroyers. Plus they're mid tier in PVE DPS. Their cat does WAY TOO MUCH in the means of helping them win and killing the cat is more like an all or nothing strategy as it can darn near make itself invincible for a short period of time. The only argument summoners have in their defense (which is a terrible argument) is, "there are no summoners winning tournaments or something about the top PVP spot or other blah blah blah about the 1% of pvpers. To balance this class they need a PVE damage nerf and their cat needs a huge health nerf. Since their cat is so important, it should be important to the summoner to keep the fragile thing alive. Killing the cat is a huge threat to the summoner so if they at least had to turn their brain on long enough to worry about the cat, then the class would be balanced. As far as damage is concerned, there is no way in hell the easiest class and "mage" should out DPS harder classes of equal or better gear. That's just a slap in the face to any and every rule of balance. The damage nerf wouldn't even affect arena pvp so this is an ACTUAL BALANCING not a "crymoarnerf"
  13. About new patch Weapons

    They addressed this in their stream. This have already let the korean devs know. It's just the waiting game at this point.
  14. New Costumes / December 1 Hongmoon Store

    christmas themed outfits would have done better with the community.
  15. 'Bad' Players

    You could try joining a clan to run dungeons with. It's way more fun that way. I know there's times where even the clan won't run it with you but it's really the only option you have. Can't force people to "play right". Just look for a casual clan and ask how often they do things AS a clan.
  16. The second spot down is 15 hongmoon exp charms. No longer a premium box?
  17. A weapon skin! One that when equipped, makes the gauntlets invisible! Easy to develop and 90% of KFM's would praise you! *drops mic*
  18. Transmute - Jewels and Elements

    Our version of the game is more behind then kim kardashian's booty. Most of the "quality of life" features, exist in the korean version.
  19. Expensive Gems

    AP is next to useless outside of joining dungeon lobbies and giving you negligible damage gains. I did a burst test in the training room with AP gems to see if i could notice a viable difference. So i used all hex gems versus all hep gems. The difference was around 2-4k give or take. Basically negligible as hell. Gems is a scam if anything. They make your stats LOOK pretty but give you next to nothing.
  20. Nerf Gunners [Locked - Bumping]

    gunner can output around 3.5 million damage in a burst with the right gear. (currently available and not even max) They could use some slight adjustments, if not AT LEAST lower the threat they generate on bosses. I guess anything i ask is too much, i don't know why i bother.
  21. As of now this is a huge playability crutch as the left analog stick may register an "+XY(left down/right down)" motion instead if the desired "down twice" input. On top of that, the back dash animation itself becomes delayed. Please fix this by allowing us to map "back dash" to a command/button. As it stands, controller users are already at a massive disadvantage, we don't need this on top of it. Certain attacks (pve and pvp) need to be reacted to quickly, and we're unable to properly play when basic human error prevents proper inputs. This is mostly noticeable when running in a circle and being at an angle to your target. To anyone that wants to respond to this thread, don't tell me to use keyboard and all that crap. I'd rather play with controller, thank you.
  22. fm is actually one of the best classes in this game for pve and pvp. they may struggle with the spinners or sins but so does everyone else. everyone is getting adjusted during the update. my advice is to learn the class better because if anything, fm freeze needs a nerf. not a big one but a slight one. one that breaks the freeze should you get hit. regardless, fm is a great all around class that doesnt logically need a buff.
  23. This is sort of a response to the communities issue of "catching up" to relevant end game dungeons. Currently the problem with black tower or skyspire is that you only get one shot at much needed loot. I have the almost perfect solution to remedy this problem and also keep BT from being overlooked yet still a road block. My solution is simple, every time you beat the last boss which is raven king, a token drops for everyone. This is very similar to a weekly since it can only be done once a week and this token can't be farmed with resets. (keeps the integrity of the system) Once you obtain four token, which is one month of beating the raven king, you should be able to exchange the token for a accessory of your choice. If you already have an accessory then you can exchange 1 tokens for 1-4 soul shields or 2 tokens for 5-8 soul shields. What this system does, is allow you to gear up since you already proved without a doubt you can clear BT and it's just in your way. After a month you'll get your accessory and can begin working on the next tier raid. It would take a maximum of 2 months or 8 weeks of beating raven king to get fully geared which is perfect. Not only does this eliminate frustration from months of bad fortune, but it also allows you to feel as if you are progressing after you proved you can farm the content. You shouldn't be stuck in content you can consistently clear right? I can't see how anyone would disagree with this but i'm curious on opinions anyway.
  24. This event was the needle that broke the camels back. The drop rates are outlandishly anti consumer. This is borderline scamming. It's not a scam but it's borderline but one to learn from. The value you get for dropping any real cash is very similar if not worse to the value you get for watching your money disappear in a casino. Problem is, the casino gives you a chance at ACTUAL GAIN. I'm not going to ask for a refund or anything because i don't want my account closed. I'm not even going to ask for compensation because i'm mature enough to live with my decisions and learn from them. What i am going to do, is inform as many people as possible to not pay your company because not only did you screw premium accounts, you basically screw anyone that spends large amounts of money in this game. I've been playing this game for roughly 3 months and spent roughly around 5k. Yes i work a job and have expendable cash. I still have enough money to vacation and take care of my responsibilities. The reason i'm telling you any of this is because i'm the type of person that keeps this game running. Do i expect to have the heaven's fall from the sky? NO but i do expect a reasonable trade off for the money i spent. What i don't understand is why you would rather have people spend money and hate it, then spend money and at least agree with it? I decided to limit myself to only 100 bucks this event. Nothing more because i wanted to test the waters. What did i get? next to nothing outside of 8 empyrean spirit stones and a bunch of other useless items. I didn't receive one oil, premium stone or anything that would actually help me at least upgrade 1 accessory, weapon, soul, pet NOTHING. 14 maple leaves i guess is the trade off deal here? long story short, you have a great game with a terrible team running it. good luck in the future....and fix your servers.
  25. I'm officially done spending money with NCSOFT

    Typical...okay... Casino's don't offer any form of vertical progression. Casino's don't allow children under the age of 18 to enter. Casino's don't offer refunds. (yes i could get a refund if i dispute with paypal) Casino's offer monetary trade. Casino's take taxes from anything you win. (except vegas) To compare this event to a casino is just wrong. Gambling? yes! but gambling is not another word for casino. This company cannot use a casino's business practice and they don't. Instead they use their own form of anti consumer practice conjured up around 2007 in the form of microtransaction and double dip percentages coded by a random number generator.