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  1. Premium

    Never will i fail at logic. That's like a 3 year old attempting to tell me what life is all about. You're the metaphorical 3 year old if you think my logic wasn't on point here. Since you need comprehension improvements, i'll explain it to you. If people either don't, can't or won't support a service based on those people believing the service is under valued, who do you feel the costs of maintenance will fall to? The business won't tuck tail, roll over and die, they'll attempt ways to recoup losses. Every business consists of number crunchers and charters. Asian business ethics are much more loose and anti consumer then western business ethics so the tactics used to gain the most profit for the least value is favorable. This is why almost everything is expensive as hell regardless of it's value when you buy anything from that portion of the world. So they won't give us value unless they feel the cost will outweigh the gain, which means: do or die. So to spell it out for your simple mind to understand, if people like me choose to no longer support the game, fanboys/girls and f2players will eventually fold themselves under the tyranny of greed. Most people aren't financially educated and have no real concept of a dollar's value. That's why you feel satisfied with anything you get because you have no clue or you're mislead to believe your dollar means very little. You let "social media" lie to you about how the american dollar is worthless or losing value when you really have no concept of what that even means. These companies know full well the majority of antisocial and self isolated gamers are typically impulsive and insecure. This is why microtransactions are used in almost every game now because there is a huge lack of discipline when it comes to how easy it is to pull a dollar from a gamer. Do some research into psychology if you feel i'm talking out my ass here. The end result is ALWAYS THE SAME. The small minority (people who blindly defend) will be left with a crappy product that ultimately dies and ends up a huge waste of everyone's time EXCEPT the people making all the money. If you feel, that turning your butt cheek to people when they're arguing why they don't feel they should spend money, is a good response then YOU my friend are suffering from failed logic. Now mark my words and let's see who's right during the test of time.
  2. About premium again..

    Heh heh, it's so useless even replying to most of the drones that frequent this forum. They can't understand that we (people currently paying for premium) are discussing/informing ncsoft why we probably WON'T be continuing our subscription. Now, how is that beneficial for ANYONE? including people now getting free wardrobe? Do you honestly believe they won't come up with another way to cover the cost of people dropping premium service? It's going to result into more RNG boxes and an events like it. The name of the game is: little effort, huge rewards. Very similar to how most classes are balanced in pvp. Once more and more people drop premium service, YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE one way or another. Funny how 90% of what i say comes to pass yet people still feel the need to debate my arguments. Again, i'm very close to the text book dictionary of the word "fool" when i attempt to explain simple things to people here. Why? because i'm the one dumb enough to believe most of you can understand logic.
  3. Premium

    i constantly hear the argument, hurts/negatively affects/screws over, veterans. when was it okay for a company to screw it's biggest investors/customers? some people on this forum feel it's absolutely fine to do just that. i guess, being jealous of big spenders, turned people blind to the fact, this hurts everyone. here's some simple logic for you, if the rich becomes poor, who keeps the lights on? answer? the government. think on that for a while before defending ncsoft.
  4. About premium again..

    to get level ten premium, you'd spend over one thousand dollars real money. the two months ''free'' we're getting is worth twenty four bucks. make that make ''cents''. yet again, free costume trade and free mailing fee's will make premium a ''must have''. it's neither pay to win or that marginally costly to implement given we're paying subscription.
  5. What bothers me about the new premium

    my solution is not p2w. costumes being traded for free helps me kill zulia? mailing mats to alts for free gets me that legendary accessory? discounts on character alteration vouchers helps me learn hollow heart mechanics? more ncoin for roughly the exact same price lets me one shot in battlegrounds? please explain how anything ive ever suggested is pay to win. ive barely ever suggested a pay to progress, please don't foul up the thread with posts like that again.
  6. What bothers me about the new premium

    In the exact same post you quoted i DID offer solution. In fact i've offered plenty of solutions over the course of posting about premium and the only one that was acknowledged was colors to outfits which i suggested long before it was a thing in korea and it has nothing to do with premium. Now do i believe i'm remotely responsible for colors being added to costumes...no it was most likely a coincidence. Regardless, premium is wavering in value and most people just repeated what i already mentioned in my second post about WHO actually gets value from premium. Still that value is not worth the price of premium. You literally get more for cheaper on your netflix bill then the "perks of premium". Most of you don't number crunch your gains throughout the month. If you did, you'd realize that, unless very lucky, premium's benefits are negligible. Convenience is what most of you are satisfied with and sadly, you're apart of the group that will stagnate the growth of this game. You're willing to pay top dollar for mediocre levels of convenience when your cost would have gotten you in the door of a subscription based MMO with functional servers like FF14. Seriously, the cost of premium is a monthly bill for what would be a subscription service, but the service is not much of a service, just a series of....conveniences. So what you get a few more BP and few more peaches. I guess you spent 10 to 15 less minutes then the guy without premium lol. I hate to say it, as i believe some of you are genuine but, most of you in the defense of premium, are just fan boys/girls. blinded by how much you enjoy the game. Every game has people willing to defend an obvious rip off. No different then the year 2007 when there was this big division among gamers about microtransactions. You had people who protested it and people who defended it, We see who won and why games are less quality (read my psa as to why you shouldn't buy the upcoming rng box) and more quantity of things being sold to you. We can't even get a overhaul on in game materials like legendary gem hammers, alpine and green level gear, yet you can support a paid subscription that doesn't offer you a "full" version of the game features. You might be genuine, but you also are genuinely the problem and the downfall. You're too blinded by fanboyism to see it and the lack of growth this game has is the result.
  7. What bothers me about the new premium

    This is a very interesting point of view. Would you please explain these "conveniences" "benefits" and "time savers" in more detail? It would really help people that may be reading, make a more educated decision if they're considering premium themselves. ALSO could you explain how far you are in your character progression? (i'm not being hostile in case you feel i'm setting you up for attack, just need a different point of view)
  8. What bothers me about the new premium

    As a PSA i'll allow people to know who actually gets value from premium. If you're end game then you get the least value (you're actually getting robbed unless you have godlike rng during daily dash) if you're brand new then keep reading. Currently premium will allow you to level faster, and greatly decrease the time in which it takes you to use teleport. It gives you access to on the fly storage and decreased fees in marketplace, upgrades, etc. For you (people BT tier and below) premium helps but only if you game on alts and spend roughly 6 hours daily. The value is limited but CURRENTLY it's pretty decent. Once it upgrades, depending on how desperate you are to have negligible perks, it may actually behoove you to just pay 10 bucks a month and buy nc coin instead. Why just buy coin? because you get roughly 450 "free" coin from premium and around 12 bucks a month. You'll get 800 coin at just 10 bucks a month that tallies to 2500 in 90 days. that's 1050 more than premium which you could use on costumes, mats, trove, whatever. In 3 months you would have more stuff then a guy on premium unless that guy hit jack pots daily during his daily dash. If you simply bought the moonstone crystals you'd end up with more over all value to your progression while actually saving more money then the guy paying for premium. In a nutshell, having the wardrobe and access to your vault was the only real reason to pay. access to your vault and dragonstore(who's items will eventually be made f2p) will basically cost you 5 bucks a month since they're the entire value left. Getting more gold from enemy drops is a lie. Oh and i guess that "awesome" wind walk glamour. (sarcasm)
  9. Really Bad Winter Trove Experience~!!

    If you compare the statistics of this trove from users that bought over 1k real dollars worth, to the last trove, you'd know the crit rates were insidiously reduced. Just typical practices of a anti-consumer company.
  10. Now if you're in the group of "i'll do what i want with my hard earned money" then by all means exit this thread and TRY....to refrain from posting below. I know that's hard for you (yes you) but discipline yourself. For everyone else, do not buy these RNG boxes and here is why: 1. we still have crappy servers and bugs galore that aren't even being addressed. 2. We didn't even get a proper christmas event and on our christmas they released a trove with crappy RNG. 3. They refuse to acknowledge our frustration with how things are being handled and over all communication is lacking. The only bit of feedback we get is when they stream, advertising the new event. 4. Premium members have been shafted way too long and i doubt people who spent up to level 10 will get properly compensated. 5. Crashing galore, unable to receive daily rewards, terrible optimization (especially noticeable in raids), Mods giving biased treatment of players (support related), poor matchmaking/terrible/crashy 6v6. 6. arena boosters not being addressed 7. No way to deal with AFKers and issue not being addressed 8. RNG boxes being dangerously close to a scam and the lack of integrity and shear audacity of ncwest to have another cash event right after trove, when trove was on christmas like GEEZ! 9. failure to compensate the players that bought outdated/useless items from the cash shop before they were removed. 10. combat mode bug.......... 11. failure to update or even acknowledge the input and playability issues, players who use controllers have. I'm positive there are many more so feel free to post below to add on to why we shouldn't continue to support a company that obviously see's it's community as unimportant. I'm not speaking for a vocal minority here. Just because you may enjoy the game doesn't mean you have to ignore it's glaring issues and unfair lack of dev support. I "WAS" one of the whales and spent thousands so i know both sides of the fence. I'm not speaking out my neck here, so don't treat me like i am.
  11. trove+viper cap event

    I might be wrong but i believe trove ends today and viper cap ends next week. If i am wrong then yes, they both will end next week.
  12. SCAM with Silver Saberfang Chest

    You do realize you have MUCH more power then NCWEST? You want them to stop with the RNG boxes? I have the answer but trust me...it's harder than it sounds. You ready? DON'T BUY THEM!!!! Yea i know, you have to buy them but please don't complain. You sound like an addicted drug user begging their seller to stop supplying them. It's called consumer discipline. Learn to put value on your dollar before expecting others to value your dollar. If you can be so easily taken advantage of, thanks to a bland outfit with wing, then good luck in the real world kiddo.
  13. Decisions like this wanna make me quit the game -.-

    NONE OF YOU understand what's really going on here. NCSOFT does not care about who quits or who feels mistreated. This game is not their cash cow and they couldn't care less if they had to permanently close the servers. They're gathering cash for a new project which is why things remain unchanged for the most part. There is no possible way to market this game into a multi million player base at this point. Literally nothing they do will yield those results. The plan is to milk who ever enjoys the game enough to pay until they gather enough resources to continue with business ventures. That explains the lack of updated servers, bug fixes, common issues and more. Remember the surveys? Remember the questions they asked like if we would like housing? Yea all that aint happening. Blade and soul 2 might implement something but the way they see it, this game will roll until the wheels fall off (you all quit) and then it's on to the next. Getting upset at ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ poor business is useless. They're showing you blatant signs they give no flutes, by not even giving us a christmas inspired environment. They have a 2-3 year plan for the game but that is mostly based on whatever you see in korea and pay events. Getting mad at GM's has as much effect on corporate as it does if you was to get mad at a mcdonald's employee because they gave their family free food and you feel left out. You want better treatment in these end days? You better pay what you weigh or don't expect jack crap! You're simply fooling yourselves if you think there are people being paid working 9 to 5 on this game. This happens in development cycles and most of the stuff is already done so it's intake time. Put yourself in their shoes. If some one paid you around 6-7k in a year, you'd probably treat them better then the guy that only spent around 200. You're lying if you say you won't. Is it fair? welcome to life. It's why i haven't posted any more suggestions and probably won't. Once i come to terms with how much money i've wasted, i'll most likely quit as well. Until then....happy spending.
  14. I'm thinking about maxing my pet but curious as to the effects of guardian shield.
  15. BD or KFM?

    Go blade dancer. More reward for less effort. Better in poor ping situations. Top tier in all instances of pvp. One of the highest DPS classes. Easier rotation and less overall frustration. Plus you don't have to worry about tanking, unless you truly desire to pick a class that probably won't tank anything until you're high geared anyway .(kfm) There is no reason to choose KFM unless you just enjoy masochistic play and constant challenge. The class will suck until you invest months of time or thousands of dollars. PVE content is much more difficult and you'll hate yourself for choosing KFM if you truly don't want what i just mentioned. I always tell people to thoroughly consider a different class over KFM because the enjoyment you have now will be short lived unless you're hardcore as hell. BD is overall more bang for you buck/time no matter how you slice it. Yea KFM has fighting spirit (blue buff) and they can tank but don't think people value you for anything other then their own selfish reason. "You deal with the boss and the majority of mechanics while giving us increased stats, while we sit back and pew pew and deal with the occassional mechanic" is the overall role you have. You'll get bodied repeatedly in pvp until you master every last aspect of your character and even then you'll lose to people' secondaries because of cheap crap like WL and SIN. So in closing, if you really enjoy this game and plan on playing it at your own pace then choose BD because KFM is not and probably will never be a good class. Oh and when you have the best gear POSSIBLE! meaning everything and all top gems....you'll do roughly 5-600k damage(perfect rotation and highly dependent on ping) which is laughable when compared to every other class available. GO BD unless you're a masochist like myself who actually enjoy KFM but wish it was a lot more rewarding. I spent months numbing up my fingers trying to learn 3rf all to do basic and uninspiring dps. I'm fire now because servers and ping spike like mad during raids.
  16. Maxed out pet: What does guardian shield do?

    Thank you for those responses. That sounds useful but not as good as i hoped. I was looking forward to not being cc'd like absorbing one but thanks for clearing it up. Kind of prevents you from being one shot.
  17. Maxed out pet: What does guardian shield do?

    no one knows?
  18. Merry Christmas Blade & Soul ??

    Are you actually asking this company to ACT (meaning pretend) like it cares about it's user base? Any company that's willing to incentivise a "pay event" during christmas is already lacking in integrity. Let alone one that doesn't even communicate and shoves multiple games on one server. The korean version is a completely different game then the one we have now. Based on your location determines how you're treated. This is the most anti-company, anti-consumer game developer ghosting right now. They won't even read this message board let alone give two damns what people on it say.
  19. it took me 20 something runs to get one myself. I agree it's a legendary in it's own right.
  20. Crap Badge RNG drop rate in Temple of Elluvium

    i have a group that clears every week. now don't you feel stupid for assuming you know me? Or do i need to give you my BnS tree? As for what you're asking, you sound spoiled and entitled. Again, just be happy you're apart of the 1% like myself and others like us who have groups that can clear. I mean, yea i need one for my alt so you're half right in your assumption lol. Third post and your contribution to this forum is 85% BS.
  21. Dungeon Daily gold nerf???

    They changed all the dungeons under EC. You'll now have to grind the top dungeons for the gold rewards. If you're able, the best grind is SM because it's quick and if the gloves or earrings drop, people tend to pay decent amount for em.
  22. Crap Badge RNG drop rate in Temple of Elluvium

    So your second post ever on this website is just to complain about RNG? Be happy you're apart of the 1% that even has a group clearing VT every week. That fortune alone isn't afforded to the overwhelming majority but you want ncsoft to stop what they're doing to make your life easier, so you can further the gap between yourself and the rest of the community?
  23. Nah, get good at the game. That costume is reserved for people who have the gear and patience to master each boss mechanic. 2mins and 30 seconds is not asking much. Just keep at it or go level up then come back.
  24. KFm 100% evade should not trigger on Ground AOE

    LOL he's asking for a nerf to the best balanced class in the game because he's struggling as a warlock (kfm's worst match up according to korea) While i do believe KFM needs and overhaul, it absolutely has nothing to do with nerfing them in any way shape or form. If anything you should manage your thrall better and stop depending on A.I. to win your battles. Good luck trying to get anyone to agree with you. I's like a summoner complaining about their cat giving KFM free triple kick. You do realize your chain is way more "unfair" then damn near any move in the game (not including assassin) all you have to do is chain the kfm...wait to see what he does...if he makes a mistake...you face roll until you win.