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  1. i totally agree with this. the changes brought with the latest season have made it close to impossible to winning any match in pvp as fm. i, as well as many others playing fm, have started to choose any other dailies just to stay away from arena...and dont let me get started with battleground (it's just the worst pvp experience in any games i've played so far)
  2. Thank you for the reply Yes, i managed to find that as well. But it's for floors 40 and above to get all of them
  3. Thank you for your reply NightFer. That's indeed a screenshot from the game of my own character. It's just confusing whether the inferno volume2 you can buy from those traders is the same as with what i already have or it's an upgrade reason im saying this is the other hm skills that i learned/used appear now with a red X on them: What is your opinion about this?
  4. the challenger set...where do you get it exactly? i read that it's in high lvl mushin tower, is that right?
  5. Hi guys, i need some help understanding whether i should buy this skill called inferno volume 2 (you can buy it from arena/battleground/cold storage trader): I currently have learned the hm skill for inferno by doing some quests:
  6. about that...i am the only one finding it stupid to just nerf a class only because people are winning tournaments playing it? wth, i mean....they should start nerfing bd and assassins now, right, since that's the new damn normal?
  7. totally agree with this....pvp is just overall broken and stupid in the game
  8. although you are definitely a BD player yourself, I feel that the above statements are entirely true and this should be looked into...too many people have quit their main character, whatever that was, and just created a BD instead because of it being just way overpowered. I am a force master and since the day i started playing, all ive seen is skills being removed from my class while others have had dozens of resists and iframes added. Going in arena now - it's me vs BD 20 fights out of 21. It's not right. Thank you devs for taking into account what OP said
  9. yea i am new. why is that a problem? i'm afraid i still feel like this is just beginning to be a waste of time
  10. Hey guys, Can anyone share their experience with this new dungeon, please? Is it worth doing it? All i got from it was 3 fortune potions which is definitely not worth wasting anyone's time Thank you,
  11. soooo...back in the game and to my surprise we only get 2 daily dashes now and 3 as premium user. WTH is wrong with you people? less dashes a day, same crappy rewards? Can you explain to me why i'm wasting my money on you? except me being stupid of course! cause you sure as hell do nothing to improve this game!
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