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  1. [suggestion]Gunner for Gon

    dream on my friend...when you write to support, they tell you to go to the forums, when you come to the forums, they tell you to write to support - everyone's been there
  2. Costume Prices

    it's funny cause it's true !
  3. i agree... it's all about the points received/lost and easy wins!

    word is that they will, yes
  5. When will Act 8 come ???

    that's pretty much it! then there's the occasional pvp which is just amazing as well (difficult to express sarcasm in writing, but that was it right there!:D ) but eh, isnt this the same with any games? some require grinding for xp, some require farming dungeons a lot... either way, they are made so that you spend a lot of time playing it
  6. Dawnforged Vs Raven bangle

    Hey guys, Can anyone explain what the effects of these weapons do exactly? Is it the rest of the description perhaps? Like for dawnforged it may trigger skyshatter effect which is some crit rate/dmg and some focus recovery? I know people say raven is better, but just curious about the effects :) Thanks
  7. Dawnforged Vs Raven bangle

    oh right, so it's the same effect after all, only raven is better cause of all the other stuff in the description. thank you!
  8. Nebula stones

    yes you can multiple times, 1 stone for each level you want to upgrade. Since we dont know whether they can be used after the event ends, my advice for you is to buy the stone only when you have the materials ready for upgrade.
  9. Hongmoon Points Recommendations?

    I was going for 20points in def for extra hp/def and it was helping a lot in dungeons..specially those dungeons that you are not used to the boss' attack pattern. Once i got my pet aura to stage 10 purple, i stopped using any points in def as you get what you need from the pet. I'm still using 20 points in def in instances like skybreak spire as there's a lot of poison debuffs and that extra 20-30k hp helps a lot.
  10. Hey guys, Can anyone explain what the effects of these weapons do exactly? Is it the rest of the description perhaps? Like for dawnforged it may trigger skyshatter effect which is some crit rate/dmg and some focus recovery? Thanks
  11. are we annoying you? hopefully we will annoy the morons who run this company and they will fix the stuff in this list! Also, the thread was opened 8 months ago, which is even worse! Non of the things mentioned by the OP have been addressed in the past year....this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ blows! why do game companies never take into account what players want? how the hell do they still stay in business? why are we all so stupid as to keep them in business?
  12. When will Act 8 come ???

    well then, let's hope for the best :)
  13. addition to OP's list: warlock can't leave combat mode even after 5-10minutes of no combat...happens very often in dungeons
  14. 6v6 Matchmaking system designed by 6 year olds

    Right on! the community supports this thread!
  15. When will Act 8 come ???

    yea, but we're not sure that they are referring to the gunner class :)
  16. When will Act 8 come ???

    probably with gunner class? so sometimes in the 21st centry
  17. Quartz. Do something. Please.

    omg, this happens to me every single time i write support... now, this means two things: either they have no idea what each one of them are doing and what is their ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ job description or they are trying to get rid of us and we go bug some other poor soul. Either way, we lose :)
  18. Clan BG

    hehe my friend, it's been like this of over 1 year now (since i started playing anyway) and hundreds of threads about this subject...and ideas on how to fix it...nobody cares :(
  19. Dark Origins and the changes it has brought~

    all i can say....again every class has been improved in a way or another, force master nothing - wth is wrong with this picture? i dare you pvp with force masters against the gold/platinum players in game!
  20. suggestion for bonus coins

    Hello, I would like to suggest to give buyers some bonus coins whenever buying a higher package from the store. For example; you spend 5 euro, you get 400 coins, you spend 10euro you get 800coins + 5% bonus. You spend 20 euro, you get 1600 coins + 15% bonus and so on. I think it's fair for this to happen, it's a normal thing in other games and I believe it should be good to implement for BnS as well. There's absolutely nothing making me spend more for the game! Also, you guys need to make the premium more appealing... 10 items discount and some extra xp (this is close to nothing as we barely get 10-15xp for killing mobs) just cause you have premium (which is overly expensive, by the way) is nothing! Hope to see this soon.
  21. suggestion for bonus coins

    dude, it's just an idea... and big spenders will be big spenders no matter how many coins they get :) you think they will spend less because they get more? heh...also loved that "sardine allowance" comment, it's funny cause it's true lol :)
  22. Legendary drop rates

    I totally agree and would like to see this for 6men dungeons as well. I, for example, am at 100++ hands of xanos and i have seen no legendary drops. NOTHING! That's just sad
  23. [Update] Raid Sizes in Dark Origins

    do we know any other games that are kind of like bns? i mean...take the s out of bsn and what do we have? total BS - every ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ day! so yea, we should all move to another game, maybe it will teach these ncsoft guys a lesson!
  24. cancel daily challenge

    it's a nice idea...but people who have over 10k gold now, will then have over 20-30-40-50k gold...and you, who is a person with not much time for a game, will still have just over 100 maybe :) just an example, but you get my point :)
  25. 6v6 Clan BG

    we got the same bs every day after you guys actually read this damn forum? or is it just a place for us to think we have our voices heard? good that we get new legendary items with the new update, but god forbid you would actually do something about the stupid battleground matchmaking in both clan battles and normal bg! is it so hard to match people in battleground based on their gear and not on their points? IS IT? NO, i'm sure as hell it's not, it's just some damn code lines. but you just don't care...we will see how much you start caring when there will be nobody to play your ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ game! you think we are not aware of the reason why you are merging the servers? because there are no more players! losers! FIX PVP and i promise people will start enjoying the game much more!!!!!