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    i have not seen a gunner 1 shot a person with 200k hp yet, stop making up stories. also, if that gunner actually does that, he is ascendant ++++ or whatever and full legendary bt/vt accessories and you have 0 pvp shields and purple gear. which means his damage will be higher than you can handle anyway. But guess what, man? A BD with that gear will 1 shot you too, a summoner with that gear will do the same, a BM same. BG is all about gear. stop making up excuses about other classes and learn your own. And no, i don't play a gunner!
  2. Nerf Gunners [Locked - Bumping]

    you are not a dps role, you are more like support maybe? so stop complaining about DPS classes doing dmg man, that's what they are there for!!!!!!!
  3. I'm officially done spending money with NCSOFT

    @Enemy Silence man, i want to salute you for being here and for having the right answer/reply to give to our fellow players attacking you in this post. I couldn't agree more with you! Also, want to say thank you for your post, i just wish i saw this earlier so i wouldn't fall for the same trap as you did. Moreover, i feel the need to say this. Whoever is replying/attacking you here, i'm curious how much they actually spent on this game and how much value they got for their money, especially in this rng event. I bet they probably bought max 2-3 boxes and have no idea what you're going through exactly. anyway, good luck. if you find a better game, let me know lol :D
  4. 150 Plentiful Harvest Crate opening

    and here's another happy customer, 350 boxes, thank you once again NC$oft! : my advice: i wish i saw this reddit post earlier...DO NOT BUY THE BOXES, guys. stop feeding these guys until they change their attitude towards their clients which is us!
  5. 150 Plentiful Harvest Crate opening

    to hell with these boxes man...just another scam from NC$oft!!!!1 i had some high hopes of getting some stupid pet pods. and i opened 20 boxes. guess how many maple leaves i got? ZEROOOOO thank you once again for a perfect rng event, mofos! unreal!
  6. game will be sold?

    so, some people in my clan said that they are planning on selling this game in february 2018 to gameforge... is that true?
  7. game will be sold?

    i didn't give you any news man, stop reading between the lines. i just asked a question!
  8. game will be sold?

    i dont have a real source lol, that's why i asked here whether somebody else heard anything like this or not. if not, then i guess it's not true. im not trying to make up rumours, im just asking whether what others said is right or not.
  9. Unrefined Scaleburn weapon

    also, if you're already leveled up your force master as you say, you probably have the purple weapon from before this scaleburn weapon update. If you salvage that purple weapon, you will get the scaleburn weapon :) or just buy it for 5 naryu tablets as seen above
  10. Legendary bracelet stage 7 upgrade

    dude, you need to stop having an opinion. period!
  11. DO NOT upgrade you items until DEC 6th

    why not really hope for a new nebula stones event, specially for this big of an update! :D
  12. Lf VT

    you should first upgrade all your accessories and get at least a legendary pet and soul before VT..
  13. Asura pistols

    and just in case you dont know what CB is... he means celestial basin which you can find in gunwoon city :) good luck with farming.
  14. Look what's coming next week.

    english please, i understood nothing from your post...or use your own language, i'll just google translate it also are getting too worked up on our posts, i saw you're on a spree of "caring for the game too much" problem in life? really? the fk is wrong with you? how are my life problems related to the fact that this moronic game company is taking us for fools? my problem here is people like you who are just 10 years old and you don't understand the things that these guys are doing to their players and shouldnt be playing this game in the first time.
  15. Look what's coming next week.

    uof.take out the "n" from BnS...and what do you get? BS...every single day! it's not enough that every single thing you can craft now uses the same exact items as the ones you need for weapon, soul, pet, accessories updates. now we get an event to use even more of them items...cause why the hell not, right? we get so many soulstones from daily dungeons that i honestly don't have any room in my 20 inventory slots! oh, and we're back to the old scam with "free" chests for 1 nCoin...well done, NC$oft!!!! .i know you had an amazing feedback from us, your stupid community, that you decided to do it again (and yea, we are stupid for still playing this game even though they treat us like shit!) Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!
  16. Compensation for 2 Days of Mass DC

    this attitude of yours is exactly why they never compensate for shit they do. because people just accept their bad behaviour and don't complain about it and end up kissing their asses! yea, this ddos attack was their fault, yea we should be getting compensation. at least +2 extra days of premium or something. let them show that they care. why the ddos is their fault? for not giving a crap about the thing that makes them profit, for not implementing ddos protection, for being caught by surprise. We live in this world where you hear on tv,radio,internet of X company being ddos attacked...and you're what? too naive to think it can happen to you? *sarcasm*: cause you're not a big game company and you're doing 0 profit from your game? not to mention that i'm 90% certain that whoever attacked them is somebody playing the game lol :D and has gotten tired of their BS day in, day out. also, this ddos attack could have been faked. just them saying it to shut us up, while they actually had problems migrating their servers to the cloud. Never has a migration gone well, i know, that's what i do for a living lol. a ddos attack just breaks the servers, completely. But we had some lags, some dc, some people were playing, some not - doesn't sound right now, does it?
  17. stuck on connecting

    it's cause they moved their servers up to Amazon's cloud:
  18. just look at what i underlined there...there's nothing better than just saying "told you so!" just as disappointing as ever...not to mention that the damn AWS are known for their server side issues on their so called cloud; worst choice for a cloud carrier..probably the cheapest choice, actually, so that makes sense why they were chosen lol
  19. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    so, i read your tips about fighting the summoner...but first you say dont go after the cat or you lose, yet in this reply you say that the cat is 90% of summoners utility. So why not try to kill the cat and this way the summoner is left with 10% of his skills...which should make it easier for you to kill the summoner?
  20. Crafting pet pod with Bravery

    ah man...they only start noticing us, the community, if the post gets more than 20 pages or something. the way it happened with radiant energy and how they fked it up with that update back in october. so, the more people complain, the better chances we have for something to be about this. however, we have to all agree on'll notice many people (i usually call them morons in need of a job, so they apply to ncsoft by kissing their ass in the forums) who just say that the game is perfect the way it is and no change is needed...and believe it or not, their voices are heard better than us complaining only because well, it's easier that way :) so i invite everyone who gives a damn about this situation to just complain away and maybe we will get this fixed properly!
  21. Take out seraph from bots in TOI or...

    ToI is broken! It's as clear as day! i'm doing it every single day and it's worse than arena or 6v6.. at least there, your opponent might have some lag, lack the knowledge of his/her skills and so on. I agree that ToI should be difficult, but com'on, should be like that starting floor 50-60-100 or whatever. That's where you need to worry about certain soulshields and stats and anything else you're thinking of. Sometimes a sin will kick my ass at floor 30..period. just because i'm in insta cc all the time. in ToI, the bot knows exactly what to use, when to use, just so that you cannot win. The Bots are so well created that they are better than most players out there. The bot knows when i put on veil, he won't attack. The bot knows when i'm about to use a skill, he will deflect. As OP said...if you dont hit destro, he wont spin, the second you thought of hitting that lmb, he will spin and you get stun! This happens even before my hit reaches the bot, just insta stun. Another example: an FM bot - he will get me frozen in less than 1 second and then use skill 1 to stun me. Then 1 second later, he uses skill 1 again to stun me, then again after 1 second. How is that all right? For me as a normal fm player it takes maybe 3 seconds of continuously hitting the same rmb to freeze, right? and hitting 1 that adds another 1second. I don't find that normal and definitely am not exaggerating.
  22. well, the way i see it...this time they have a reason - they are migrating servers to the cloud which should make things better (i personally dont see it as now there's at least one more point of failure in doing that: site to site vpn, a much much better internet connection ,etc) - expect to have a delayed maintenance as well. but what about the other times...there was no explanation, no migration, no nothing and definitely no compensation! they just pushed it under the rug.
  23. why is it just a big deal that you didnt get the dynamic quest rewards? it happens that you forget, i guess...but just go again and again and again :D
  24. Premium Goodie Idea

    they don't really give a crap about these's just some other marketing BS which we should all be used to by now..
  25. How on earth do you pvp a gunner?

    it's as our colleague here says: it's all about baiting...but same goes for every other class in pvp, not only for gunner. bait their escape and you're sure to win.