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  1. Premium

    thing is this is free and in all honesty it's really awesome and i am extremely grateful! I was expecting like max 7 days for tier 10 so this has completely exceeded my expectations! Finally i can say GOOD JOB NCSOFT! If you need 250$ for next tier, this tells me you are not that close to it, are you? :) so then, instead of paying now 250$ for an extra 30 days of premium, how about you just enjoy your gift and pay only 10$ next month.
  2. Reason why your game failed in the West

    love what you said here, it's very true and i totally agree!
  3. Population

    not as popular as before, more and more people are leaving, the publisher doesn't care about their player base still...just like 1year ago or like 2 years ago. we do get new content all the time and it's cool content and you feel like wow something cool, thank you developers, but that feeling is gone very quickly when you see things dont actually change, issues are not addressed and so on. play it for a while, try it, it's a very awesome game. problem is publisher's communication with the player base. but this will only affect you after 5-6 months as a new player or maybe never. depends how much you care :P
  4. trove+viper cap event

    thanks a lot
  5. trove+viper cap event

    Hey people, So just to be sure, we get the vipercap event + trove for another week, right? Thanks
  6. trove+viper cap event

    ok thanks :)
  7. PSA: don't buy the upcoming RNG box

    or they send a ticket to support and they get 8k coins back as collateral just for being loyal and spending thousands on the game :)
  8. one day some people were afk and we were killing the boss in 3 - took a bit more than usual ofcourse, but we got 6 shrooms, instead of 8. The message "some whatever stole the treasure" appeared 2 times on the screen. so, the number of shrooms you can get does drop eventually.
  9. i know people complain about this a lot and I will not even try to access those dungeons for the same reason (i lack that high AP as well on my characters), but why don't you start your own dungeon in f8 and get people with 950ap and do it together - i'd join you. no dungeon really needs 1k, 1.1k ap to finish, it just needs people who know what the mechs are. Also it's much easier for players with 1.1k ap to get over messing up the mechs as they have a higher dmg boost. However the reason behind his crazy AP requirements is: it is highly more possible that a person with 1.1k ap has had the decency the check mechs before joining a dungeon than a 950ap one. You would be amazed how many low geared players just join a dungeon and expect to be carried and not lift a finger. Man, yesterday I was doing BT and had people with 10 kills achievement - that's 10 weeks of doing BT - who had absolutely no idea what they were doing! You want to know why? Because they never bothered in their whole bns life to check a video or read a guide and they just expect others to do their work for them. And i have some advice for you as well: why do you think different dungeons/raids drop different legendary accessories? To help you progress! You can do EC/DT right after you finish main quest - by then you should as well get your weapon to baleful/seraph9 - you get easily 900ap this way. Then spam EC/DT until you get your legendary ring and necklace. Move to NF - get your belt Move to NS - get your bracelet. Meanwhile, you did some daily challenges, you farmed some peaches in celestial basin and you can buy both your badges. Hell, now you are ready to do BT - get your elemental gear -> boom, you are at 1k AP -> Move to SM and HH (latest added dungeons). I wouldn't worry about IF or EL, nothing there is worth your time. You should understand that these high level dungeons are not meant for new players. And specially, they are not made for people who don't care about reading a couple of guides.
  10. No Maintenance announcement???

    they announced it on saturday that their offices will be closed but maintenance will be held on the 27th just like every week, same hour i expect.
  11. Gunner huge Nerf in 6v6

    [edited - PhoenixMitra] the gunner has the lowest def stats in the game! did you ever know about that? of course not, cause the line above. a gunner may have some mobility, but that is after waiting 30 seconds, not immediately! those hooks are not instantaneous when you enter a fight. you say reduce to one? read the first line! How many seconds do you need to recharge your iframes? a gunner may have some high burst, it is expected from a dps class! I bet it's nice when you kill them bosses faster in pve just cause you get a better dps. those skills that you say are unblockable, any FM with hm skill can block, any gunner can block it, any destroyer, BD, BM, warlock, kfm, summoner can either block or counter the gunner skills. And sin...sin just wipes the floor with the gunner; as opposed to all other classes, a gunner has like 1 skill to get the sin out of invisibility. 1 skill that has 30 seconds cooldown. you miss,you die! HOW IS THAT FAIR? i'd say your problem in pvp is yourself not knowing your own class, not the gunner you go against. if you have any more opinions, stop for a second and re-read the first line i wrote.
  12. did the same with the solak never know, i guess. however, people should get it back on their alts - you guys should try to create tickets, hope they will help
  13. just a thank you thread

    Just wanted to say thank you for the quests that give 3 BT SS and 3 PvP SS for free together with the pvp weapon. That's a really nice touch - specially as it wasn't announced as far as i'm aware. A lot of players been having mixed opinions lately about what's being brought to the game be that by the devs or ncsoft, but I for one, i really appreciate this i said, a really nice surprise.
  14. daily challenge quests

    How come you have modified the daily challenge quests? You didn't even announce any changes! why in the love of all which is holy in this world did you modify the daily challenge quests? you geniuses just keep on spitting in the face of your players!! Today for example, we have NS and NF together as part of the daily challenge. Sure, that's easy for my main, but how is an alt with 700-800 ap supposed to finish those? Huh, do tell! I know I can choose not to do nf/ns, but there's no other good choice at all. we got a win in 6v6 (good luck with that at 700ap) and MSP which is now dead cause well we get the shields for free (1 more reason why you're damn stupid NCSOFT, take out MSP from daily challenge and give us a low lvl dungeon instead! ) And before you nclovers out there start throwing stones, use your ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ heads, it affects you as well!
  15. soul path for fire gunners

    hey guys, which soul path do you advice a fire gunner to take? i currently have the mystic badge that increases tombstone by 650% and the soul badge that gives 2 more seconds to tombstone. Also, i chose to go with tiger bracelet. Thank you,
  16. So you guys know the items you get from daily dash or from f10? they go to the "received items". Well before the patch i had like 45 items in there, now i have 1 left (a heaven's mandate reset). new bug or what? not to make things urgent, but i had premium transformation stones in there and many more HM coins items!!!!
  17. Extremely limited Weapon Storage

    what can i say...disappointing as always...the things they make such a big deal about always end up being bugged
  18. Thanksgiving event

    you are very right! is this intentional?
  19. Sacred Orbs

    just do all the purple dungeons starting with lair of frozen fang and you will get so many sacred orbs that you have anything to do with them
  20. Re-roll or carry on?

    it depends whether those items are account or character bound. if you need to move from one account to another, those items must be tradable in the marketplace. if you need to transfer from one character to another on the same account, those items need to be account bound - you get this in the description of each item. to transfer items, you need to use the "storage NPC" which you can find in any big village. Just open the NPC, click on Mail and type the name of the character where you wish to transfer the items. There's usually a gold fee involved.
  21. soul path for fire gunners

    thanks a lot for the advice :)
  22. another class dying

    You guys actually did it! With your complaining and impossibility to learn your own class you managed to kill yet another one. this will be FM all over again! Well done! Why don't you start complaining about the kfm now? that kr dude has been winning all the tournaments with it! Go on, do it! i hate that class in pvp! Stop and accept the fact that some classes are more like tanks, some are more like support and some are DPS. All you did since the gunner appeared was complain that a gunner would dps your poor little cat or whatever in pve for those 10 seconds. IT's ONLY 10 SECONDS THAT THE GUNNER EXCELS!!!!!! damn kids ruining the game over and over again. They have so many other things that they need to improve, why don't you complain more about pet pods (those really suck) or about 6v6? Or the so many other bugs that have been in this game since open beta or whatever? But who cares about that when you can't kill that gunner in under 5 seconds, right? cause this is what's it all about, right? And before you start throwing mud as you do best, i don't main a gunner, i have FM as main. I'm just disappointed to see the same thing happening to yet another class. And the inability for the devs to see through your whining!

    i totally agree, they messed up the way the "improved" the pet upgrade system. this needs to be changed to make it more accessible to do the upgrades!!!!
  24. Empyrean Spirit Stones

    well thing is that it doesn't matter if you have a confirmation on this. so be that we will need 5 or 10 stones to upgrade, we will still need them :P so since they are cheaper now, you can just buy some :D Also, they promised a full list of changes 1 week before the patch :)