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  1. So just want to let everyone know about this. Somebody for whatever good reason has raised the gold sale price to 1:3...while the lowest is at 1:1.75.. Now, i see this as a good thing, but obviously some people (not gonna say what type of players you are!) still like selling for the lowest rate. Can we get some player awareness on this? I'm sure whoever is selling so low did not notice the rate increase. START SELLING FOR HIGHEST RATE!
  2. Clan Battle the best Meme

    i couldn't agree more with this. but nc$oft just doesn't seem to care...they've had this problem for 2 years already and people have created hundreds of threads exactly like this. the only time when they seem to see our threads is when we use bad words, but other than than they just ignore us like morons
  3. Fix gunner class, or quitting game.

    and you're saying gunners solo starstone mines? comon man...get serious
  4. - it's just random on fire build. all you need to do is to keep right mouse button pressed - active attacks; then at one point a cross-hair/target will appear above your head and that's when the triple shot will be active - this lasts 2 seconds; next you have to press F - this will give you 5 unload attacks and then you need to press F again to use. - there is a badge which increases the chances to triple shot. - there is as well the hongmoon skill for rmb which makes the triple shot chance like 80-90% - since i dont have that hm skill, i'm not sure. if you play shadow, your skill no.3 is always active.
  5. i feel you! however, you can do as most of the nonwhale players were doing until now. I bought maybe 30 orbs for 20g so far, before I was just getting them using ncoins; 5-6 orbs every time they were in F10. Make the gold, sell the gold in F9, then buy the legendary stuff in F10; If you buy 5-6 at a time it gets a bit cheaper than using either gold or, lately, soulstones. It is total bs, as it takes a while to get the 30 you need for your new weapon level, but hell, its at least something. Now, getting them with soulstones is just a kick in the balls. You need 450 soulstones for each level dawnforged 1-9; then you need 25-30 legendary elements for 30soulstones each. @Delynori do want to know how you are farming 1300 soulstones for each level of your weapon my friend. sharing is caring after all!
  6. Gunslingers pvp damage :S

    wow dude, and you seem like an old player whom you'd expect to have a clue about this game and its classes it's not 5 iframes - a gunner will enter the pvp area with 0 (ZERO) iframes. which recharge every 12 seconds and can be up to 5. it's not 5 seconds resist - it's 5 hits resist. meaning you can hit that gunner 5 times and no more resist - or 5 people hit the gunner 1 time and no more resist. damage that 1 shots people with 200k - i want proof! I have never seen this happening, EVER! and i don't believe you have either alpha call - DOES NOT RESET gunner's skills; only resets skills for other classes. Learn your facts, then start posting on forums, please
  7. Gunslingers pvp damage :S

    enough with the complaining. that gunner was probably end game geared and you barely have hollow accessories. I want to see proof, take a video of that happening. First off, if a gunner hits you with their tab skill then you my friend have no idea about this so called pvp! bulletstorm can be blocked by any class in game, a gunner can be stunned, kd, dazed during bulletstorm; you can just step back out of his range, jesus! - the gunner is a sitting duck while he uses bulletstorm! my thought is that you do not know how to play your class. my thought is that you don't know how to play against a gunner! why dont you check pvp rankings and see how many gunners are in top 100? i'll tell you, max 5 gunners. do you even wonder why? cause they suck in pvp! but we have an equal amount of the other classes! also, have you bothered to even check any pvp tournaments? if yes, how many players use a gunner in pvp tournaments? i'll tell you how many: NOBODY uses gunners in pvp tournaments because they suck and every other class can very easily kill them. get your head out of your behind my friend and do your research first before complaining please.
  8. Chats Not Working

    why don't you write a ticket to support? it has been times when the chat was broken, but it was for the whole server. Since it's only you impacted, it may be a better idea to contact the support.
  9. Put Immortality Earring back in MSP Vendors

    players need some guides - there's absolutely nothing telling a new player the things they need to get and the order they need to do it in. the msp earring is a big nono, just a waste of resources! your best guess is to join a clan and ask questions there. Forum works as well, but yea, might be a bit slow :) the idea is not to worry about that msp earring at all, forget it even exists. just do Naryu Sanctum as advised above, get the earrning from there - however it is not extremeley important so dont worry if you reach like 100 runs and didnt get it :) with the draken cores, first you need to get bracelet (also drops in NS), then you need necklace (also drops in DT), belt (also drops in NF) and last the ring that drops in EC since drop rate is not that great at all and you need at least 600 draken cores, it will take you less time to create 2 alts, get them to lvl 55, do the quest "know your enemy part1" (i hope that's the name of the quest) which will give you a lot of draken cores. Move the draken cores from your alts to your main and just buy the bracelet, necklace and belt. If you go with buying them instead of dropping them, you need to have killed each boss 10 times in their dungeons. Next step is to get these 3 accessories to lvl 6, ideally the bracelet should be at lvl 10. Meanwhile, your weapon should be at baleful 12. Try to do the event dungeon (i know it sucks) and get the hexagonal gems - 10g each is an awesome price. Then you can go do BT for the ring/earrning with elemental damage. It sounds like a lot of work and honestly it is, but that's the quickest way right now to get anyway near getting good gear. Hope this helps!
  10. new premium worse then the old one.

    why dont you write support and ask them to cancel your subscription?
  11. hi, i'm just seeing this now and I would like to express my gratitude towards this. Thank you kindly for writing these guides, they are extremely useful!
  12. You shouldn't buy things which you dont know how to use, that's my advice. Try to get an idea of the game first, see the things that you need, see which can be farmed and which not. In regards to the post above, buying moonstones, elysians, sacred orbs is a big waste of the coins - dont do it - these are items which you can farm every single day by doing dungeons in F8 evolved stones you dont even need until later in the game, i havent even started using mine and i've been playing for 1 year already. Yes you should spend your coins on premium transformation stones simply because you can earn profit in game by doing so. Also, it's incredibly hard to obtain, you cannot just farm it and you need RNG to actually make one. One premium stone is worth 400g right now in game (the lowest is about 350g during certain events) - which equals to 800 coins. However, when it is on special sale you can buy one for 450 coins. And then you can sell it and make a profit of about 150g in game. Take that profit you made, go to F9 and sell the gold there, get more coins and buy more premium stones and sell them again for that profit. 1gold = 2 coins right now in F9 - which is the gold->coins exchange mechanism. If you plan on buying your way through the game, then that's a different story and you can buy just whatever you want :)
  13. About pet appearance

    it doesn't matter what pet you actually have - the pet is only an appearance . the thing which increases your stats is the pet aura - that is the item you upgrade and you get def,hp and pet effects. It's the same with weapon skins - the pet is the skin of the pet aura, reason why we are allowed to change the pet skin all the time by getting a new pet. The stats given by the pet aura remain the same, but the pet changes as you change the skin actually - if this makes any sense ;) however if you are only talking about visual effects then the ultimate pet's effect has no visual effects extra than awakened pet, as far as i know.
  14. everything that was pointed out there is very good advice, you should take it! here is my advice as well - once you finish your main quest, you need to start doing dungeons (you prob know this already since you said you are doing dailies). So press F8 and go through everything from Lair of Frozen Fang up to Naryu Sanctum. - I recommend watching/reading guides on the following dungeons: Ebondrake Citadel (EC), Desolate Tomb (DT), Naryu Foundry (NF) and Naryu Sanctum (NS) before joining them as they need some knowledge beforehand; you need to do mechs 100% of times. - to do NF or NS, join the dungeons advertised by others in the chat - you need 1k AP to join a good team. For the others just use the button LFP - by doing these dungeons you will steadily earn gold and materials - always take the quest outside each dungeon once you entered it using LFP - the trueshot SS that you have right now are also called the MSP soulshields; the BT and VT soulshields are something you need to earn after - these come from high lvl raids; raids which you cannot join without at least 1k AP and some real good game experience - Press J while in open world and look for a quest called "know your enemy part1" (if i remember correctly) - you will have to kill the bosses in EC, DT, NF and NS - at the end of this quest you will receive 3 BT soulshields which you should equip straight away. - I'm also looking at your HM points (you get 5 with each level up) - well, you should keep a maximum of 20 HM points in Defense, but only in high lvl dungeons like NF/NS and raids (which you will join later anyway), Other than that, it's just a waste and you're losing too many atk points - so just put everything in attack! Right now you have like 27 in def which is just a waste. - press on the key I and go to Dragon Express - use either 4x hongmoon powders (about 20g each in F5) or solar energy (which you get from doing dailies) and buy yourself a Diamond gem (white/silver gem) which will boost your AP by ~40 - remove the amber/orange gem - you are interested in using only gems that give AP - join a clan. Most clans will help their players. they will help you join raids like dawn of khanda vihar, aransu school and snowjade fortress - needed to finish weekly challenges as well as BT and VT - once you are ready for them. - a clan will also help with giving advice, you wont have to turn to the forum, things will be just much quicker that way. - don't be scared of discord, it's just like any other IM out there: skype, whatsapp or whatever - Right now your weapon is seraph12 and it's enough - you might go to dawnforged3 to appear more appealing for these raids i enumerated above. - if you want to join random raids and not do them through a clan, i recommend getting the legendary gear from the dungeons in F8: EC ,DT, NF, NS - in regards to badges - press I go to dragon express (third tab i think, not in game right now..) and you can buy badges with solar energy - i definitely recommend using the solar energy solely for this first. - since there are 2 badges you can equip, the other one will be available by farming it - just go to gunwon city - celestial basin and do the quests there to farm peaches. Then you can use 16k peaches and 50 feathers to buy your badge - i recommend getting the one which increases your tombstone by 2 seconds. - in terms of skill rotation; i can only advise you on fire gunner: you will always start your rotation by using V (move 1) + tab+F then left mouse button (LMB) to recharge and F again . You can do this about 4-5 times if your ping is good, every 2 seconds - once you get your badge which increases your tab move, that's another lmb+tab you can do. - then you can use skill 4 move 1 (up to 3 times) - then you use skill C move 1 (aka firefall) and spam F while C is active - if you read the description of C move 1, you will see that it makes F for free available during the duration - skill 3 move 1 is activated randomly, so always keep your eyes on it - press F to activate, this will give you 5x F to use. - always use skill F when it's available (aka Unload) - it usually charges overtime when you are using your RMB (right mouse button) which is the continuous attack. - press F12 and practice your skills there - you will learn combos for either fire or shadow gunner - know that V+tab+f will become very powerful once you get your legendary bracelet from NS - you should use the tiger bracelet. i know it's quite long to read but enjoy :)
  15. Realmrift Merch

    or just be like the rest 95% of the playerbase and don't give a crap about this so called event dungeon. you're better of running sandstone mines x10 times than doing the event dungeon once! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ cancer dungeon. I would like to take this opportunity to thank NC$oft for their amazing support with this dungeon for having listening to us players and giving absolutely no crap about our opinions yet again. So you guys can understand how stupid this event dungeon is, here is the anniversary stream in case you missed it - they did not even bother running the poh dungeon without their GM weapons - I wonder whyyyy? I really wonder why!
  16. FM inferno volume 2

    this post here is for an old content unfortunately, they modified things a bit You can press on U, in game, go to Character - Skills and there you can find all the skills that can be upgraded and what is needed for each one. For example, for inferno volume 2, you need the "retrieved hongmoon secret tehnique - volume 4" This you can find in the zen bean trader or battleground trader. Or you need to be very lucky when you go in Naryu Foundry dungeon in F8 as it drops there as well with like 1% chances To get zen beans, you need to do arena/pvp in F8
  17. FM inferno volume 2

    Hi guys, i need some help understanding whether i should buy this skill called inferno volume 2 (you can buy it from arena/battleground/cold storage trader): I currently have learned the hm skill for inferno by doing some quests:
  18. look, somebody is actually happy with this event, good for you. if you have any advice for noobs like me who can't finish this even after trying for 3hours, i'd love to hear some ;)
  19. Realmrift WAY too hard

    anyway to learn what you just said from somewhere? a video explaining it or anything?
  20. yet another "good" surprise

    you guys bring us all these upgrades and all but end up messing up something eventually. even if it's a little thing, it still counts! can i ask why Brilliant Silverfrost Fortune charm is now in the antiques exchange window? This was not part of the patch notes therefore i believe it's a mistake. Not to mention that you can exchange for 5x soulstone crystals and 2x moonstone crystals. This charm is worth 1 legendary element! We can buy legendary elements for 30 soulstones and 15 sacred crystals +10gold...yet that charm is only a 6th of this.
  21. "Didn't See That Coming" achievement.

    ah i was just reading between the lines and totally missed that, sorry :) anyway reason for that is cause it's really difficult and nobody bothers to check the mechs before joining ;) so people who did bother, dont care anymore i guess
  22. How to reinforce equip (vs. evolve)

    there are so many titles or achievements which you cannot get anymore just because they changed stuff in the game. They really need to rework them at one point. It's not something you cannot live without, it's just weird i guess.
  23. "Didn't See That Coming" achievement.

    why don't you try f8? you create the dungeon and let people join. I recommend going for 1.1k AP, will be much easier to recover in case you mess up the mechs. Also, you will love the mechs of hard mode!
  24. Population

    there was this youtuber who posted a video of the top 10 most populated game at the end of the year 2017. Of course first place goes to WOW, 3rd to Final Fantasy XIV and 5th went to i guess it's still populated, the guy was saying there were about 70k people playing towards the end of the year. But, the guy was talking about overall population, KR, JP, RU, EU, NA servers put together....difficult to say how populated it actually is here with us. I can tell you something for sure: if a lower purple dungeon is not in the daily challenge quest, you need to wait around 2-3 minutes to enter. If it's something horrible like nexus or necro or gloom, maybe 5-6 minutes. specially since they lowered the gold gain for those dungeons and nobody's bothering running them everyday as before.
  25. Another question regarding premium

    no, you dont need an active premium, you just need to have used the f10 before in game. Buying anything with hm coins or ncoins from the F10, you gain premium points. You will receive free premium days depending on your old points