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  1. cannons in jadestone!?

    yea caught my attention but i saw it was some mistake as the event was still ongoing. this is total bs, i'm so damn annoyed right now; first of all with their stupid servers and 10h maintenance and now this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. been doing that stupid dungeon every single day and now i have nothing to show for.
  2. The Whine about D.C. Boxes

    wow guys, this is a bit exaggerated.... how much mats does the daily chest give for 1 alt? like 5 soulstones or 5 elysian crystals? let's get serious, please. that's totally nothing as to what you'd get by farming high lvl dungeons. also, the high demand in materials, that 1800 soulstones for dawnforged 3-6, the 1200 moonstones for vt neck and so on makes us want to farm with alts as well. even if it's 10 mats per alt or whatever. Even if you had 9 alts as you prob think that 90% of the players have (totally wrong ofc), you'd still need a few good months of doing DCs for 1 stupid weapon upgrade on your main. OP, you're telling me that you'd rather waste around 1 year to farm the materials just cause you dont want to use alts to farm the very little that you can? I call bullshit, my friend! not to mention that it's perfectly normal for an mmorpg to be alt friendly. everyone wants to try other classes to get a better understanding and continue playing that class for at least another 20 minutes a day (in our case by doing a few daily quest)
  3. EU don't buy rng boxes!!

    i totally agree. but we will always have brain dead whales, my friend. unfortunately for us.
  4. man, they were the ones who added older dungeons as daily quests in order for us to do them quicker. That was just 3-4 patches ago, when they removed necro or whatever from dailies and added more cold storage, hm, yeti and lair. I can still hear jonathan saying this "here guys, now you can finish your dailies quicker, just concentrate on farming certain dungeons for the accessories and less hassle for alts" And now you're saying that omg we are ignoring new content? that's BS man and you know it. Yes, i'm ignoring everything above NF with my baleful9 alts, but I'm farming the hell out of EL, SM, HH, DD for those 100 runs and the pvp accessories with my main! But that's supposed to be the whole point - game is more alt friendly and you can concentrate on your main. With this new event on May 9th having to farm IF, EL with baleful 9s will turn me into having 5-6 mains, instead of 1 main and 5 alts. you see what i'm saying here?
  5. totally agree! they made this new event close to impossible to be farmed by alts - and it's the alts that are missing those awakened souls, not the mains. How am i supposed to join IF, EL with my baleful9, story line accessories alt? They say this event is to help us gear up for the future raid. BS as usual, whoever doesn't already v that soul they are offering won't even be able to do VT, let alone the new raid..
  6. Nice Try

    i just can't figure out how they are so stupid over there? i mean it's as easy as putting the two chests one next to the other and see the updated version is just BS as usual. but what am i saying, have you watched the patch preview video? even our greatly beloved bethany and jonathan, who have to sound excited even when they notice by themselves how much we are getting screwed with every single patch), were surprised as hell by this bs (they were talkin about the new soul at that time). and they usually have poker faces, lol
  7. they are just making things worse and worse all the time. they should really ask the community first before making these changes; they are just too idiots to realize that! for example: currently you can use 4moonstones and 6 elysian orbs and 1 pet pack to get the 5mil charm. after update: 12 moonstones+12 elysians orbs for the 5mil charm+30 bravery coins... That's double the ressources; they'll end up at 30-40g each for sure. this is so damn stupid!
  8. Suggestion: Make Souls Account Bound

    and in your opinion paying 200g for a pet pod and 550g for an oil is normal, now? do you know that you need 30 pet pods at one point for 1 single pet upgrade? and in total you need over 240 pet pods to upgrade your pet to maximum? that around 50k gold man. and you need another 20k gold for the PTS, around 130 oils =70k and maybe another 20k for all other materials to upgrade your gear. You call this normal? Been playing for 2 years and I'm nowhere close to having any of that. I know you farm some materials, but prices right now are just plain stupid!
  9. Suggestion: Make Souls Account Bound

    and i agree!
  10. fix that stutter/freeze!

    man, the new event dungeon stutters every time the boss throws those big balls of energy at you. every single time! and it does so for the whole damn player base. And this small fix made that stutter go away; i tried it myself. and you're telling me it's internet speed? comon , let's be real. internet speed does not affect a list of some stupid writing on your screen; it's just poor programming anyway, don't judge people who actually help our poor community.
  11. for elite chest, you need to do around 15% dmg on the dragon. premium chest i think its between 7% and 15% or something like that. that's as far as i've seen with my character. as for the cannonball, it helps having many alts with this event. but i'm probably the same as you, i have barely 2 alts and have seen a maximum of 4 cannonballs so far,
  12. 1k trove keys and no saving lace?

    trove is usually good for most people, but not this one! and I as well as others fell for it really badly. wasted so much real money and gold for nothing. absolutely nothing, 0 profit, 0 items. you are a bunch of morons, fuuucking up the only thing that was actually selling. I'm so angry at you. To my fellow players: Please PM me with any other mmorpgs out there that are worth playing, enough is enough with this stupid publisher!
  13. [VOD] Battle Brawl Day 1

    thank you very much for wasting our time. the code was only good for a max of 200 people out of 4-5k watching? each code gone in under 5 seconds. just another disappointment!
  14. Put Premium Transformation Stone in F5 ASAP

    they pay thousands of gold on an item, but they can make it back in 2 weeks :)
  15. damn, how i wish that was true lol!
  16. 4 tomestone shots? F shot is gone.

    ah yes, i was thinking that changing the badge would be a good idea now. thanks
  17. 4 tomestone shots? F shot is gone.

    when you say "limitless" you refer to what exactly?
  18. What does the below even mean? I have to click on the bracelet to activate its effect?
  19. One of the most broken updates ever ?

    you are right. but these changes now require new items which for some they might not be so easy to get. i believe a new badge should be used now (the one which procs triple threat more often) + one that buffs the unload = legendary badge Also, the 8s soul is much better now for more static dps instead of burst me, for example, to change into a new soul, i need like 25 oils - something which i cant do in the near future. Maybe a bracelet change is good as it will proc on triple threat use, and seeing how you should have it 80% of times up and running..
  20. bracelet activates on use instead of on hit?

    yup i got it. and i just checked, it procs now no matter whether i hit with dual dragons or not thanks very much
  21. One of the most broken updates ever ?

    so a new way to do this: press V to activate bracelet, then 4 to be able to use burst, then TAB +F like before Problem is that F becomes unusable if you get kd, you move, you use E or anything like that. You lose all your burst for doing anything else except for rmb/lmb. Also, i saw it breaking the F as well for no apparent reason, staying in once place, not moving an inch and still my F disappeared. btw NC$oft. UP YOURS for this stupid ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ you did with this update and no money for you this trove! oh and 1 more thing. that buff that 4 gives - its a mark actually , F can then be used on 1 single target, not on multiple ones - on the target on which 4 was used ofc.
  22. bracelet activates on use instead of on hit?

    so then if before i was missing the boss with my skill, the bracelet wouldnt activate? i must say i've never noticed that hehehe thanks!
  23. Class Balance changes in patch notes ???

    dude, enough with the damn wining, get your head out of your damn *** and check how good gunner actually is; have you ever played this class? to see how much that bulletstorm matters? it's worse than WL's SB. how come nobody worries about that? WL can buff whole party, lasts 15 seconds, which is 5s more than the gunner self buff! do tell me, you complain so much about the bulletstorm....sure... when a warlock uses his SB, do you stick around? do you not try to RUN AWAY? That's also a burst, the best damn burst in the the game! So why is there a problem when the gunner uses his own self burst? Why don't you run away then? i'm tired of people like you complaining about classes, seeing problems when there are not, when all you have to do is to learn your own damn class!
  24. Skybreak Spire Acessories

    Let me tell you my perspective as you are not even 50% right. I have been doing BT for 22 weeks on my main now and I have not seen the fire earring drop once. It's ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ TWENTY TWO Weeks man! for a stupid accessory. However, i'm doing bt with 2 more alts and there the fire earring dropped and was sold for as low as 20gold. How is that in any way fair or good? Also, I have been raiding with whales man. Do you want to know how much a whale will pay to awaken his/her own accessory? Max 100gold! A whale will not pay more than 50g for the animus for example and that is account bound!This will be the same for accessories! I have been in a 4man whale party carrying 8 people (i was being carried on my alt). Want to know why 4 people were carrying 8 others? Because the whales have everything they need man. And they'd rather have people pay 200-300g for an accessory than them spending 200g for an alt. An alt is there to make gold, not to spend gold on! Moreover, I've been in pugs and some accessories even went for 500-600g before. As i said before, a whale will sell the carry run for 200-250g for accessories. Which one is better man? Going with a whale party or without? Not to mention that nobody is making you join a party full of whales, dude; that would be your choice. Just go with people your own level.
  25. RIP with Rift

    why don't you just upgrade to raven3 from your rift3? or that's not possible?