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  1. a very well, i must have missed it. thank you
  2. Ew, Lucky Dumplings again

    i agree, receiving these lucky dumplings when they introduced other type of food which is 10 times better is just...a slap in our face, i tell you.
  3. When are we expecting UE4?

    haha, true dat!
  4. Daily challange dungeon nerf

    i feel the game is going to hell, as well. as for the new content, it is copy-pasted after all from the KR version, so nobody's actually developing anything only for us. the only difference is the language difference, but yea,that's prob 2-3 people translating it anyway, no real devs.
  5. Awakened Ascending Soul can't sealing again ?

    ah yea, but prices in f5 are like triple
  6. I HATE tower of infinity

    i respect your opinion, but as far as i understood from your post you dont hate it, but you dont sound to be having much fun either :) specially a content that needs to be farmed till the end of days (it does drop tradable materials, so yea, it should be farmed properly! ) should be quick, doable, not worse than pvp as it is a pve dungeon. but as OP says, no normal human would be able to do what the bots there do - so it is clearly worse than pvp. You mention the secret to TOI is to learn the weaknesses of the bots...thing is, why would i want to do something that i truly hate so many times as to learn the weaknesses of the bots? i'll tell you that i will not be doing that as i have other things to do in my life... things that i may like or dislike, its true; but in a game it should only be fun stuff, not stupid, moronic, annoying things that you hate doing, yet you are somewhat obligated to do. anyway, i'm one of them people who does toi only close to end season and going as far as my gunner's bulletstorm takes me! i will not bother spending hours to learn weaknesses.. what is even the point, i wonder; next patch, they will have less weaknesses anyway :)
  7. Awakened Ascending Soul can't sealing again ?

    but that would have meant crazy sales for you need real cash to buy sealing charms i think they are just ignorant
  8. Naryu Coins in IF

    it's cause KR has naryu gold coins which is actually useful in their version. we have it our version because we copy KR content but without them people in NCSoft using their brains and just select which feature/content we actually need or benefit from. Naryu coins are not part of these benefits. the way they call gunner a brain dead dps class, that's what we can call ncsoft - brain dead company that releases content without actually thinking about the impact on their ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ game version.
  9. yea, absolutely. gl gettin that, they haven't added a new boss there since BT was released and that was 1year ago or something. there's so many features that we should have, yet they only care about new content and nerfing old content in order to have people spend more and more
  10. i still think we need to wait for somebody to actually do it and confirm it. dont think there's anyone who can try to get the permanent soul yet, even if they did the event dungeons everyday.
  11. ooh, that's awesome. i thought you lose your temp soul as well!
  12. I Wanna Drown in Dumplings

    what are you going to use them for? sorry i can't help, i just sold all of mine, they are really bad heh - tasted them and it was a big no no ;P
  13. Shop Gear, Where to get now?

    you will see that every event lasts for about 1 month. And only during that 1 month you are able to get said event currency. Next event will always have a different event currency.
  14. Free to play player needs some help

    ah hehe, oki :P thanks
  15. Is VT alot easier than b4?

    it's funny that they said they are making different nerfs than what they actually made... some nerfs are good, some are "meh, this doesn't really change anything" also, i would have loved some nerfs for the mini bosses; honestly, sometimes we spend more times killing the stupid damn acrimors than doing 1st or 2nd boss together.
  16. Free to play player needs some help

    can you give us more info? what's this tower of memory event?
  17. just for info, alienware giveaway is over; no more keys. however i recommend doing that lvl 5 before next big patch, there should be another giveaway and much easier to get the key then.
  18. Princess Cannonball expired

    i have the same problem as you i have the same problem as you. i wrote support about this and they don't give a crap about this whole mess. i know everyone is pointing fingers at us, even players and support, but honestly i didnt even know about the fact that the cannonballs wouldnt be usable after the event ended. Every single event we had so far gave us the opportunity to use event currency 1 month after the event ended. So i did not think for even a second that these cannonballs wouldnt be available to use after event ended. Sure they looked expired and everything and raised some flags - of course; but since we were still able to do the event dungeon, i didn't think any further than that. And then, there was this whole forum post about this, saying clearly that they will expire - well, not everyone checks the forums, do they? I for one am that person, go on the forums every 2 weeks or whatever. This kind of announcement should have been posted in game, not on forums. If they are able to post announcements in F1 about new patches and the next stupidly amazing RNG box, I'm sure they could have posted info about the cannonballs too, right? But hey, it's not their fault for not thinking about properly informing players any more than it is my fault for not visiting the forums more often...or is it?.. I dont know how it was for the Valentine's event, with the wheel of fate - was it the same? the currency expired as soon as the event ended? Or you were able to spin the wheels of fate in yehara's mirage after the event, as well?
  19. cannons in jadestone!?

    honestly, with any rng boxes out there, i did get better stuff when opening all at once; i noticed with the hellion core chests; opening 1 chest usually gave me 1 hellion core; when i started opening 20 at a time, i would get at least 2 with 10 cores inside. seemed opening all at once helped my chances somehow :)
  20. cannons in jadestone!?

    thanks least players understand my frustration. about the game devs and support...let's just say that i've been playing for quite a while now to know that they don't give any crap.
  21. so, was removing material chests you can bid on from high level dungeons your idea of balancing materials gain? dont remember reading that in the patch notes! just went through NS to DD and had 0 chests dropped. and ive seen others complaining on the chat as well. maybe you should have fixed this in your 10hours maintenance! oh and the same high level dungeons now drop the lunar lowers? what is even the point? honestly! what character that can do DD has any need for some currency to buy some soulshields he used 30 patches ago?
  22. cannons in jadestone!?

    already wrote them, let's hope for the best! honestly, adding this kind of info in the F1 would be so great. you open the game, you see the news, you play...happy life. its like when you wake up, read the paper, drink your coffee and your day just starts better!
  23. cannons in jadestone!?

    sure thanks for the advice, but that's a little too late, isnt it?... what about people who don't spend their life reading forums? i'm sorry, but i only come on forum to check news about patches and such. so what you're tellin me you've washed your hands right? to hell with the morons who play the game only, but dont really open your forum which is filled with complaints only anyway... how about you put this type of important things in the F1 tab in game along with the news when you release a new RNG box to take our money every month! you may be tryin to help right now, but i'm so damn frustrated about this whole stupid cannonball thing, together with this new stupid patch that i can't not show this frustration in my forum posts
  24. Did I see right? [Prem exp charm]

    yea, welcome to our new prices for moonstones and elysians - 30g/each
  25. Moonstones for PvE

    they screwed things up as we were expecting them to. maybe with a lot of strong feedback, they will bring things back to the way they used to them. keep complainin on forums! but we need more than 2 people obviously