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  1. New players fresh out the story shouldn’t be able to just jump right into the endgame content, keyword ENDGAME. Some of the entitlement I see from new players is really ridiculous. It isn’t any players job/responsibility in the game, high geared or not, to help or carry someone because they’re new, people help because they want to out of the goodness of their heart not because it’s mandatory.. As someone who has always helped new players when I played, I’ve come across a few that can be extremely toxic, don’t listen and not even attempt to do mechanics so at times I see why some pl
  2. Chances are if you’re brand new and just created the account for the free gifts then you haven’t even played the damn game yet. It takes only a few mins to create an account and click the register button to find out if you’re eligible. So really you weren’t baited into anything. If not getting a free gift before even playing the game stops you from playing then you weren’t interested in the game in the first place so a free gift wouldn’t matter
  3. Have you ever done any of the previous solo dungeons or not? Also, if yes were you way over-geared for them when you did them where you could literally faceroll it or were you geared to the point where you had to execute the mechanics properly? This will help more in understanding why you're struggling. If you haven't done them yet then practice doing them first and then give CoS another try. Seeing as you've ran this a great number of times without managing to get past the 1st boss, I wonder are you actually taking the time to do some of the mechanics or just attempting to facerol
  4. Damn the white knighting in this thread is extreme ?
  5. Tbh I recommend staying away from the game until UE4 then check back to see how things are running. I don’t even play anymore really, just log in to do dailies and chat with clan members. Once Last year and Hide or Die, or anything else interesting that can take my mind off BnS comes out I’ll probably stop playing for good.
  6. I wouldn't suggest you to pick soul fighter simply because it's melee. So being melee means you have to do your rotation and mechanics while blocking and dodging attacks. Meanwhile range can just dps at a safe distance and do the mechanics. As what was stated already, Gunner fits the description well of a class you're looking for.
  7. It probably sucks to be kicked and not know why but hey they have the power to do that. Just like in rl someone can kick you out their place of business for whatever reason without explanation. I would just be petty and add them to the block list so I can kick them whenever they join my pt lol
  8. Kfm is braindead with gear lol
  9. Lightning does more dps so its considered better for pve though it's not a huge dps loss going frost. The downside is that you lose a lot of hp with lightning so you have to make sure you're paying attention to the health bar (I've seen a few wardens die from not doing this), pretty much why most people play frost. You can just play what you like.
  10. Best part of this thread are people whining about others whining ?
  11. submit a ticket to support most likely they would move em back. There's nothing we can do for you here on the forums.
  12. All I can say is welcome to the internet. Anything where you can interact with others online, you will always run into people like those. Whether it's a video game for not knowing mechanics, facebook/twitter etc. for stating an opinion, or youtube for uploading a video, etc.. someone will always have something negative to say. Just gotta grow a thick skin, block/ignore and keep it moving.
  13. I believe it’s this one( music starts at the 0:47 mark) couldn’t find just the soundtrack alone but I guess you could download the vid and take the audio from it.
  14. They can reproduce without a partner because the devs are their creators lol. All jokes aside.. I seen a post a while back and someone posted what a senior writer said when asked about how yun can reproduce. They said something about them breeding with the other races and the child will always come out to be a yun. I went back and found it and it seems you’re right about them not being female either based on this post:
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