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  1. Found this thread on Reddit regarding the Premium of Blade & Soul, a comparison between 3 licensed regions. Enjoy the read! I personally endorse this Taiwanese/Japanese premium system. Is proven to work by Blade & Soul already and I suggest @NCSOFT should take this as a PLUS in the direct direction for EU/NA too.
  2. Conclusion: I personally will NOT renew my subscription to Blade & Soul. This revamp is BAD and doesn't deserve any purchases. Plus, worked a LOT to get up to my rank and now it's gone? ridiculous! Anyways, NCsoft, enjoy your cash reduction.
  3. Conclusion: I will NOT buy premium in Blade & Soul. How is this a rewamp? This is just plain BAD! Keeping my money.
  4. I totally agree. I'm a BM myself, and the worst thing is: when tanking versus BURST like WL or Fire Gunner or BD. Even though my rotation is executed properly, the dmg output they have far surpasses my capabilities of holding aggro. Sometimes, I lose aggro, not afraid to admit it, I do regain it back because they noticed they dps too much and they reduce their dps and I gain it back, but that's teamplay, because the boss would wipe the floor with them, the boss would jump to them, and etc. We do need either a threat increase for the KFM/BM classes or a threat decrease for t
  5. So you don't have that issue yourself but you speak on behalf of people who do? Did they elect you as their representative? Do they even know that you are talking on their behalf and representing their best interest? As for yourself, our clan schedules BT runs via weekends, Saturday and Sunday, evenings. If you really want to help people who can't do this content, join my clan, and recruit those people to clan, or better yet make your own clan, see how it feels to carry them. Personally, if their nice, respectful and kind people, I don't mind carrying them, but that's jus
  6. I did 14 runs so far. Seen the glove drop twice, I bid 2.8k for it, didn't win it, some guy bid 18k... Continuing to do more runs.. On the bright side, got LOTS of gold from their bids
  7. You don't want to experience exclusion? Simple solution. Join a clan which doesn't exclude. My clan for example, we do BT runs with everyone, u just need the AP and know the mechs. Enjoy the game!
  8. If people do NOT like BnS they can go play another game! This game is awesome! I love it. End.
  9. So, we get more rewards added into f10 to fix the bug for 1 week's worth of missing rewards? That would seem logical, at least for us premium members, if not, for all of us too.
  10. apparently saving 10 nc ... is a blackfriday/weekend/cyber monday... what ever discount sale? Well... seems so. Yet with the event boxes and they crates from nc shop, everything dropping gems, the prices on f5 for gems is now 29-30g each. Is safe to say: Sell 40nc buy gems at a better price than work to buy gems from this package.
  11. So... they saw our forum post ^ and they did this as a plan B. But their greed failed to register that a regular sale isn't a BLACK FRIDAY sale.... Seriously now 10% is a normal sale percentage. 30% and upwards are Black Friday sale's percentages... Right... so from " This event and throughout the weekend ..." we came to "Monday", which isn't a weekend bundle, nor have I heard of this "Cyber Monday" before. Is safe to say that our voices have been heard. Have our voices made a big difference? I do not think so, but at least our dissatisfaction made an impact. A small
  12. I think the name of it is wrong. Black Friday sale? no! Alternative names: 1st of April/ April joke. https://imgur.com/vc9GGxr Mediocre sale https://imgur.com/c7xAIfy Madao sale https://imgur.com/vc9GGxr Hope the thing they said on the news is real, at least that part, meaning this part Hope they add more stuff throughout the weekend, although I'm not holding my breath... As a famous movie quote says: I think we must accept that this is "As good as it gets" and live with it... Your neighborhood Bl
  13. The fun part is... their balancing the dps.... Their fixing sins and gunslingers... They are introducing 30 player raid... that you have to use special moves and windwalk to avoid huge aoe's eh? Interesting news... I might add.
  14. November 17, 2017 | Announcement Black Friday Sale Preview We’re preparing some big discounts and special bundles for the Black Friday weekend. We’re getting into the holiday spirit and providing some deep discounts and special limited-time deals. We’ll have the full sale details on November 24—this is just an early teaser! You’ll have a great reason to give thanks when we showcase our selection of specially themed bundles during this special Black Friday sales event for Blade and Soul. Some of the special deals to look out for during this sales event will include: Sa
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