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  1. Random people joining our clan?

    I'm assuming since it's social anyone can join? That's fine I guess, we need a few more members we were just confused how people we didn't invite were joining. Thank you 😊
  2. Okay me and my discord group started a clan together and somehow people we don't know are joining. As far as we are aware it's invite only unless there is something we are missing. Is there something we don't know about that let's random people join? We asked our fellow clan members and they said they didn't send any invites and I trust them.
  3. Lag and low fps

    I've got the same problem and I have a laptop that is more than capable of handling it. Just go to graphics and hit the optimize for low end computers and you should get around 40fps average. It won't look great but you can still play the game.
  4. Any News on the DDoS Attacks?

    I was just wondering if anyone heard anything yet. I know it's not fixed so I was just wondering if anyone had any news on how much progress they got into stopping it and finding the perpetrator or perpetrators.
  5. Crash crah crash

    A lot of people are having the same problem, I can't play today because it's bad for me today. It's a DDoS attack and they are trying to fix it but from what I understand it's very hard to do. Blame the guy behind a computer screwing things up for us not the company itself.
  6. BD vs Warlock PVP Advice

    Im a newbie and a few days ago I came across a warlock who attacked me while I was buying shells from the fish guild. I just finished my transaction and then boom chained to the ground and dead. I thought it was hilarious quite honestly, I never saw it coming lol. It was the first time I came across someone who PVP'd Bamboo Gaurd Outfit wearers and my first official death. Most of the time in my few days of experience most people wearing the Blackram Uniform kindly ignored me and I did the same for them. Out of curiosity I decided to try to attack him but never got close because he would kill me. I tried again on a different warlock who was attacking random guards in Jadestone and I was sure I caught him by surprise because he never saw me come up and his back was turned but the second my blade made contact I died. Now I'm not angry in fact it's quite the opposite, these guys are clearly powerful which makes them a fun little challenge for me. I would like advice on how best to fight Warlocks as a Blade Dancer. As I said earlier I'm a Newbie and I still have a bit of trouble figuring things out so if possible I'm looking for something easy to understand, it would be greatly appreciated 😊. When these DDoS attacks are solved I hope to continue leveling my character and make a goal of challenging and defeating a warlock.
  7. Really?

    The problem is annoying for sure but I can tell from the info given it's no easy fix. I waited years to get better internet so I could play games online but most of all this one. I just got it installed last week and I can honestly say I heavily enjoy it and look forward to playing more. This DDoS attack is making things a little difficult and frustrating for me but I trust NCSOFT to get it fixed so if it takes a few days more to make sure we have a playable game then go for it. I waited a long time to play this game, I can wait a little more no problem. 👍
  8. BNS ERROR (1000) (132,10054)

    Having the same issue, when I first started I would disconnect around 6ish but I assumed that was just from an influx of people getting off work. After the recent matinence I can barely get an hour in without disconnects, sometimes it disconnects barely after a minute I get on. I heard from a friend you guys are trying to find the problem, something about DDoS attacks so I hope you fix the problem. I've been waiting a long time to play this game since before I didn't have good enough internet for online play. We upgraded a month ago and it's a shame now that I can actually play the game it disconnects every 5 minutes making it pretty much unplayable for me.