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  1. I saw more drops on normal then hard.. so I do it on normal since it's faster.
  2. The forums are starting to get full of these kinds of topics and it's starting to make people ask questions. The sad part is that we are still left in silence. We ask and ask .. we keep on telling them that the path they are going down is wrong ..and it's killing the game.. but they just don't care. They are fast to ban an account when they break the "conduct" even if it's something minor .. but they can't man up and reply to important questions and calm down the situation. what did you guys do ? fire the mods on christmas ?
  3. that's why I decided to giveup on the farming rule on this game. "farming" in this game dose not exist and they tried so hard to get people in celestial basin. Farming dungeons is just not worth it ... for example .. I did 150 runs on xanos and saw the bracelet around 5/7 times were some people did 200+ and never saw it. .. I did IF 100+ saw the gem twice.. some did it 200+ never saw it... EL 50/70 runs . nothing so far.... HH around 15/20 runs and since I noticed people saying the drop rate is crap I'm in no mood to spam it like crazy... I do the daily .. get the gold and leave.
  4. it's just the way it is, more farm to keep you fixed in the game, little do they know it's just a double edge sword and people are leaving. it's sad.. but nothing that can be done about it... the forums are dead silente and no replyes from the staff that involves events or problems that involves them. and the silver and bronze medal was spot on... they tried to removed the "gold medal" so people don't get angry, but still, people that have the gear and have the time to put up the party have the right to earn more if they want. I had a lvl 16 destro that I made for ev
  5. haha , this. ^ But his right tho
  6. It feels like just another day... nothing special. very sad about all this.... no surprises .. no nothing... just goes to show why people keep on leaving.
  7. I feel your pain ... I've been shown the middle finger on a problem I had with this as well... from the looks of it they are starting to shut down requests a lot faster. but they people that pay.. do actually get stuff reverted .. or even moved to another character . it's a shame that they show the true colors and that money talk.
  8. was asking myself that same question. They did announce it official on twitch .. but they managed to hide in in the middle of non important "episode" and for the life of me can't find that clip... they removed it and I have no idea why. And you would expect to have the list of trove public atleast a day before it goes live.. but this time it's full out silence. No posts.. no videos.. and what was posted about it got deleted. We were told we will be getting some decent stuff this time around... either they plan to do a surprise with some nice stuff since Chri
  9. and let's be real here.... at our stages... 30 silver for lvl 5 floor is a rip off. you literally 1 shot the npc's up till Mushin.
  10. HM1... and tell me.. how dose that end up ? how long will he last ? I'm betting he/she will die just by looking at someone.
  11. +1 for the idea. some people spent 7 months just to get a fire ring.. either they get outbid .. either it wont drop when they have the gold.. bla bla.
  12. 6v6 is not the for the new players, 6v6 is more or less from HM12 up. I never saw a HM8 or HM9 survive more then 5 seconds. I'm talking about HM because that's normally how you can tell what gear he has. and since this game is not noob friendly .. the poor guy just has no way to have the HP needed to survive a shot from someone with good gear.
  13. sad but true. I'm at 1100 ap on my main.. and I have the gear to go were I want... bla bla bla.... but I'm tired of it.. I finish what I have to do.. and then want to jump in my alt.. a low assassin that is around 900 ap.. that I can let's say get to 950.... keeping in mind my main is not full.. so I still have to invest in him... I added the legendary jewels on my assassin .. but they are lvl 1.. and it takes jewels to upgrade... now 1 jewel at 20 gold is just not worth it.... how can I be expected to upgrade my alt ? to invest the same amount of time AND money on my alt as I did on
  14. a few charms as "reward" for paying them... yeah... I'm sorry I bought the premium... will consider the "Free HM coins" when they come in 2018.. I have a feeling it will take them a few months .. more or less AFTER the spring trove. so people pay up... can't complain .. saving some money then to spend in some crap exp.
  15. things like this don't just fly under the radar. I'm guessing they will compensate us with something just to make people shut up, but things like this that screw over the community are getting more and more often and I did notice the server population is very much low even after the merges... you go in F8 and see 100.000 rooms, but are those ghost rooms because it's impossible that out of 100.000 you can't find 1 party of IF .. or EL .. and just 2 or 3 for the new dungeons... I would expect the chat to be spammed. Because of the way they treat the customers .. the paying custo
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