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  1. Why is my DPS low?

    Casual gaming habits will always be a drawback for trying to compete on the DPS meter. TJXX is correct in saying that one of the reasons your DPS is low is that you aren't attuned yet to boss mechanics and danger zones and have to "keep your eyes on the boss and danger zones". While you are having to do this, you will always suffer on the meter for your gear level. A lot of people don't mind that for themselves but it doesn't remove the fact that it's true. If you are that worried about your DPS (after you get your gear) then the only thing that is going to significantly increase your DPS more than just gear is you learning the mechanics and not having to pay strict attention to them. You will always be more worried about when what is happening more than hitting the correct ability at the correct time. Learn the fights and your DPS will increase more than a piece of gear.
  2. Perma Stealth Build

    The problem with 'back away and press 1 again' is ping. With low ping it's not difficult, I do it occasionally but I try to not make a habit of it. With high ping however, it becomes increasingly more difficult. As Lokinir mentioned, Tab (Hook Kick) and 1 (Shadow Drain) should grant you permanent stealth assuming you hit each within .5 seconds prior to the end of your stealth. Even with that though, ping is involved.
  3. Sin PVP with recent changes

    Really good stuff N3ro. The one thing I have to work on as a Sin is my ability to play the patience game. I am way to 'Balls to the Wall' right now and it definitely gets me in trouble. Thank you for the vid, really enjoyed watching you work. Happy Assassin'ing.
  4. Warrior's Wares Quest Bug

    Sorry to necro this a little bit but, I did as Keyracharm suggested and stood right next to the npc that gave the quest. Still nothing.