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  1. you are right, fm are 2nd worst solo dps...and still a very popular class...
  2. it is.....spin for 18 sec is total completely BS!!!!! even no1's killing u..it still takes lots of time and its like u spin 4 times..u got 1 crystal!!!! change it!!!it is not fun!!!
  3. yes same thing happen to me 2!!Theres no way I can login through the webside, the top right bar of login is all missing! When the message of redirect to login page never pop up!
  4. So I just recently play summoner, I was not very good at it. Maybe u guys could give me some tips. I am so confused about my cat, for most part if I am soloing with my cat being able to taunt, it seems good. But in raids like BT at rk, I was not spec taunt because theres always a real tank. But still my cat just dies a lot and quick, I have to make sure I press E all the time to let it Q beside me, or once its dead, I need time to res it and losing my dps or cant use certain skill. My point is in the whole fight my cat is not really doing anything but only needs alive, I just do not get why m
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