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  1. U do realise that u will loose shi***** of profit from trove if u dont release warrior at the same time as trove right ?
  2. they are continously screwing EU week after week month after month its so frustrating when the game u love is handled by such incompetent company.
  3. Greetings, First of all we would like to apologise again for the extended downtime affecting European Blade & Soul servers. The maintenance has been scheduled to end in approximately 3 hours from now (8.45pm UTC / 9.45pm CET / 12.45pm PST). This thread will be kept updated should there be any change. Thank you for your understanding. Oh no u wont get off that easy u better give us some really decent compensation cause community is freaking pissed.
  4. Because no one would be doing 6v6 then they gotta force people to do 6v6 somehow to make whales happy :D
  5. I know souls are just the tip of the iceberg but outrage about evo stones and new souls started this shitshow.
  6. It better be cheaper souls thats your only chance to do something good FOR THE GAME. People are already massively selling their accounts and quiting.
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