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  1. You've done your grace, with your update, explain to me why I can't buy an outfit in F5, explain that to me, there are people who still have their stores full. those who did not get the update
  2. What happens I am still waiting for the outfits that were stolen from me, it is true I bought with the npc, if we all buy, there is no problem with that, take it away, but before buying with the npc, buy in your store with F5 buy the outfits with gold earned in I bought a lot of the game and I didn't sell any of the ones I bought with game gold, what I bought with the npc I do not dispute anything, but what I bought with my gold, give me back or re-grease my gold, the outfit I bought months ago was the pioneer for 2000 gold and the second was Lights Out for 1500 gold that was about 4 months ag
  3. And now you are going to give me my money back, I spent 1500 gold to buy the lights out outfit and 1200 gold to buy the Pioneer, in the outfits that I already had business casual, the other one that I bought with real money was the boss mode and You take it away from me, I bought it for the glasses, you will give me my outfit back, or you will play the fool and do nothing, and those who made a lot of gold continue as if nothing with their outfit I have found very low levels with those outfits and they are like If nothing, it was your programmers' mistake, fire them that one who had that mistak
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