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  1. Your old laptop was the reason that some AoE attacks didn't render. Or maybe your ping was high to the point that the attacks didn't register for you. I played blade and soul on razer blade and everything was just fine, But let me tell you that a desktop is always better. Your laptop will get old after few years and some games may require better specs, and also a PC is always cheaper than a laptop with the same specs since all the Gaming laptops are made by famous companies.
  2. Hello everyone. I am a fairly new player to blade and soul. And last year, my friend invited me to play BnS with him, I never thought about choosing a server because my friend already did that and it was a French server because his first language is French unlike me, and now after he quit the game, I found it really hard to communicate with others since my main language is English, my question is: What's the best EU english server you suggest, where is it hosted, And are the joining queues long? Thanks for reading!
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