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  1. Yep, the 1050ti performs slightly better/same as a 3gb 1060 on most 3d applications. Now, the 6gb version would be a huge upgrade but it's also 150/200 bucks more so... If you can get the gl502vm for under 1300 go for it, otherwise stick with the 1050 version, which is still plenty decent.
  2. So i'll start with saying i'm running the game on a "crappy" ultrabook i used during uni. The cpu is 3rd gen i7U 2core (goes up to 3.1), gpu is a discrete 740m 2gb (up to 895mhz), 8gb ddr3 ram. The game is installed in a decently fast 256gb ssd, so load times are actually good. The only problem is i cannot seem to get the game to actually use the full power of the machine. It's true that the cpu is gonna bottleneck my gpu eventually, but it doesn't even get to that point. Cpu usage goes up to about 85% and gpu at about 75/80% and when running pretty much everything maxed out (except
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