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  1. Why is my DPS low?

    Depending on your gear 20k may be the highest damage you can obtain. there are a lot of power spikes when you get certain pieces of equipment that make a considerable difference in dps. That being said, there are some things you can do to ensure you're doing as much damage as possible. Ensure you have as much up time in draw stance as possible - Being in draw stance doesn't just let you use your biggest damaging abilities (Flicker (LMB) + Lighning Flash (F)). Ensure you have as much uptime on Electric Surge as possible - When you use an ability to get into draw stance it will state that you get a buff called Electric Surge for x seconds. This is what allows you to get Lightning orbs when you crit with Flicker and those lightning orbs allow you to use Lightning Flash. it also gives you a crit damage buff (+20%) and increased critical chance (+5%). High Critical Hit - Using Lightning Flash (F) is reliant on you getting criticals with Flicker (LMB). Getting as high crit chance as possible will help you stay in draw stance longer and a higher crit chance will help you output more damage. Ensure you are rolling crit on as many pieces of your soulshiels as you can, and make sure you are using all crit primers on them. Practice your Animation Cancel - Having a tight animation between your Flicker and Lightning Flash will have a significant impact on your overall damage. Hopefully you have decent ping to be able to do this well, if not it's something you can't really control. Ideally you should always have more Lightning Flashes than Flickers in a fight... somewhere between 1.5-2x more. This is mostly because on every time you use Lightning Flash it hits twice. Skills - Obviously having the correct skills will help, I'm not going to go through each and every skill that should be specced. I would ask or look at what other Blade Dancers are using if you're unsure. In F2 you can see the skills that people are using. Hongmoon Skills - None of the Hongmoon skills are really required for Blade Dancer, but two in particular will help out with DPS. You'll want to have Hongmoon Secret Technique - Lightning Draw, and the 3 Offals to amplify Flaming Scourge. Elemental accessories - Getting equipment that increases your element's damage will give you a big damage increase. I would recommend the Lightning earring from Desolate Tomb if you don't already have it. The ring is very good aswell but you may lose too much crit for it to be worth it. Soul and Mystic Badges - For soul badges, Primal Force is always a good choice, but Magnum badge is really nice if you're running the 8-piece MSP Soulshield. For Mystic Badge you'll want to get the Pulse Mystic badge. The Pulse Mystic badge is a little difficult to get costing 50 Raven feather, but if you have been doing the weekly DKV you should get there soon if you don't already have them. It further increases your damage when in Electric surge (+20% crit damage and 100% additional damage with Flicker). Be a Team player - Always help out with cc and grab when you can. it's a dps loss for you, but a dps increase for the entire party, don't be selfish. I hope this was helpful -Niraya