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  1. Scaleburn get you a free upgrade for baleful or seraph plus there new nerf implemente to that legendary path which include void fragments
  2. Was about to post something about this. Not free but 3 square+10/20g is fair for 1 pentagonal and same for 3 pentagonal+10/20g for 1 hexagonal Here the problem 3 square+1 powder give 1 pentagonal which worth 1 powder which is a loss o nonsense transmute 3 pentagonal(worth 3 powder) +1 poder get 1 hexagonal this is non sense transmute too so you are spending 4 powder to make a gem that worth 4 powder Replace that 1 powder requiriment for square and pentagonal transmute for 10/20g o either delete square and pentagonal transmutation from t
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    Lol, gear it and youll kick ass in 6vs6
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