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  1. Fleeting Weapons

    but if you save upgrade emblems you can upgrade your fleeting greatsword to a level 3 riftwalk greatsword permanently also you can upgrade your fleeting soul and pet to permanent through same process through Dragon Express
  2. Warden's Fury Premium Bundle free

    here is another if you didnt get it yet same site Blade And Soul: Celestial Dawn Bundle Key 6961 keys left P.S Deadly Intent your welcome his bundle key includes the Nomad outfit as well as 10 Hongmoon Hot Dragon Soups which will double the XP you gain in combat for 30 minutes!
  3. here is another site has over 1500 keys left just reg get key good luck Warden's Fury Premium Bundle
  4. Warden's Fury Giveaway

    heres another site has over 1500 keys left just reg get key good luck Warden's Fury Premium Bundle
  5. New Warden

    Gon or Jin? Male or female lvl 1 or use lvl 50 voucher? wait till lvl 50 vouchers are fixed before claiming pack? make a lvl 1 until lvl 50 vouchers are fixed just to at least play the new class or wait?
  6. KR Patch 13th December Patch - Nerfs to Fire Gunner.

    Yea I was kinda wondering myself I noticed a difference in my DPS on my gunner both shadow and fire and was thinking did they stealth nerf gunner last patch?
  7. I just completed chapter VIII chapter1 solak and got solak soul and a pet aura which i dont need anyway i still have the ones from an earlier quest so i now have 2 souls and 2 pet auras in my inventory and since i already have a much higher soul and aura equipped they are useless to me but i cannot salvage them or trade them is my only choice to vendor them for trash copper seems like a waste to just vendor them but i guess since they are quest rewards thats all i can do with them?
  8. I agree I have multiple alts that i only use for crafting and events that 1. I made before i chose a main 2.have scattered amounts of feathers on them that are basically useless 3. they really really need to give us an account wide storage tab because having to pay 100-250gold to mail fragments or stones to my main is just insane.
  9. Quality of life changes that NEED to happen

    I think the biggest QoL they could add is an account wide storage its ridiculous i have to pay 100-250 gold to mail account bound items from an alt to my main
  10. Which Mystic Badge?

    depends which style you play if you read the descriptions one is for fire one for shadow but heres a good video on what they do and which one to choose
  11. just got my pet aura and free pet from completing quest anyway i already have a lvl 3 aura and flame pet my question is what do i do with the quest reward aura/pet I cant use it to upgrade my current aura and it doesn't let me salvage it do i just vendor it for nothing or am i missing a way to use them?
  12. quick aura question

  13. quick aura question

    I just got my pet aura anyway do pet auras have a 40 hr limit when equipped like the old pets had before or did they remove the limit and you can just leave your aura equipped?
  14. new lvl 50 salvage question

  15. new lvl 50 salvage question

    can some one answer this when i upgrade from ivory moon ring to pinnacle do i just salvage the ivory moon ring or do i need it later for upgrade material?