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  1. So it seems that almost every efficient Shadow DPS rotation even in Korea completely disregards Lightspeed Due to its huge focus consumption which is a shame because its such a cool ability and is supposed to be the element's highlight feature. i know you can use tab but it has a huge cooldown and C doesnt seem to completely fulfil the focus consumption as i find myself often reloading during it as well. any idea if there are any changes coming to improve the ability in any way?
  2. alright keeping it short i want to understand the point of this. Like seriously, why is there a need to have some people get royally ****ed by such a needless RNG. Getting good gems is already a huge grind on its own, so why do we have to get denied to the ability to use our hard earned gems because we are stuck with 3 or 4 sockets from stage 1 to 12 lol. with current market price of 40 gold per legendary gem hammer (which is a hilariously low compared to its old price due to trove and and the jackpot thingy) it will take someone with 3,4,5 sockets 1760,1480,880 Gold to unlock his/her remai
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