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  1. Why is there to this day no class change ticket ?

    "Warlock was strong yeah but never op.",.. What??? ahaha It's not possible, I think we're playing different games. About the change of class, you can already change, several people I know have already changed class.
  2. KFM Comedy

    Seriously, I will not even discuss this with you any more, you could just go play the destroyer's pvp to find out more before you talk about what you do not know.
  3. KFM Comedy

    So you probably do not bg, the shield is easily broken by the classes I mentioned above, and others ...
  4. KFM Comedy

    "Destroyer Shield which cannot be broken in anyway and protects for 13 Seconds"... Wait, so how my shield is always broken by summ, bd, gunner and fm? "which cannot be broken in anyway", That was hilarious. hahaha.
  5. New PvP skills

    "The weakest are summoner, gunslinger and warlock", is serious ? ... just say this is a joke, please.
  6. When will Blade And Soul have more servers?

    I forgot to speak, there is a translation for the game, you only select the language on the launcher, I do not use, so I do not know if it still works, but it does not cost to try.
  7. When will Blade And Soul have more servers?

    Is it better for you to take English lessons, SA server? forgets. Segue meu conselho, que é gg.
  8. A wish for the F10

    Is that serious? I think you're asking for something impossible...
  9. Freezes/Lock ups/Crashes in MSP

    Here it is freezing in the second boss of DD. :(
  10. 6vs6 bd

    "file:///C:/Users/enzo%20caron/Pictures/BnS/Screenshot_190323_002.jpg" This is serious?, you just might be kidding... You need to upload the image, dude. Sending the link from your file manager will not work.
  11. You banned Force Master from PVP

    aahaha, This was funny. xD
  12. Snowflake illusion

    You need equip on F3.
  13. Buff FM for 6v6.

    You can only be kidding, buff fm its seriously?
  14. Demoniac outfit

    This outfit came in a box rng, maybe come in the store but I think it will still take a while.
  15. You play BD, you can not say anything ...