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  1. With me, the tab is also disabled, if I get stunned on the ground, before or after a kd.
  2. You are probably stunned, escape skills on the ground are disabled during stun. It always happens to me too, there is no way out, just accept death.. xD
  3. Good idea, it might work, but I think it's unlikely that they will do something like that.
  4. DT Full pvp, 550 + hp, 15500+ pvp def, 7k + crit def. if a fire kfm steps on my side, I'm already lying down.
  5. You waste time asking for pvp buffs, better u play with fire, i always die with a hit of kfm fire... sad. ='(
  6. Dude, I do not care if there will be nerf or not, today I only do pvp to complete the quest and left. that's better without stress xD
  7. Same as "NCLauncher2", go to the launcher folder and run it as admin. But I think the normal launcher is working normal now.
  8. Try starting with "NCLauncherS", here it worked.
  9. The "typhoon" gives up to 4 kb if n is mistaken, and you can't hit during him, how fms do.
  10. Yeah, and there are still people who complain about destroyers... it's a joke. haha...
  11. Much depends on your luck, I only took one critical with outfit of 250+ keys.
  12. You can do the same as me, just focus on the other maps.
  13. You overestimate the destroyers, they are not as powerful as you think, if you play destroyer you will understand. A destroyer will never be able to tank 6 players, as warden does easily.
  14. I agree, The shield is horrible, Archer can kill an active shield destroyer with only one skill without breaking it.
  15. I'm not sure, but I think npc will be back as soon as the next 3rd specs arrive.
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