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  1. WL is hella fine tbh, dont know whats wrong. the old WL had its problems too.
  2. just get rid of the Thrall and turn WL into the angriest ball of anger xD wait i already am, welp was an idea xD but i still have that thrall.
  3. im sorry little one, but Alienware PCs are overpriced trash, Dell has the worst mainboards out there and the performance is worse than any Radioshack PC for 400 quid. i build PCs since 18 years and have never seen so much garbage than in a Alienware system.
  4. eh, idk bout you, but i play WL and WL is an underdog rn, didnt encounter someone who did behave abnormal yet. some classes have a oneshot skill, like Warden has Divine strike that can if properly aimed nearly oneshot you. Bns Buddy has nothing to do with XML edits, and they actually tell you to NOT use any XML edits. BnS Buddy actually helps to make the game more playable and to get more performance out of your game, by the command -useallcores and the Core affinity and to be able to remove animations / particle effects to make your Game run smoother. Trust me a Raid wit
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