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  1. cuz its bugged, also it was clear that it'll be removed from the game for now, maybe you should read till when you can buy it.
  2. my solution is for the short term fix to let people log their chars again rn. they have a testserver for such cases to test why this happens and to replay the error.
  3. if my assumption is right and the Database is indeed an SQL Database i wouldnt even need a tool to find all the faulty entries and remove them, its that simple. But to remind you NCWest has even a GM Tool for that, so its actually easy as fk to find the item and remove it from any char.
  4. diligaf i cost my company also a lot of money if i have to work overtime, but sometimes theres no way around that. imagine the Database starts throwing a fit cuz some clarted person fiddled with the frontend and killed a table or so, meanwhile a lot of people cant use the Database anymore, i could fix it or i could go and enjoy my spare time. meanwhile the others that work longer than i do cant work anymore, so the decision is to fix it.
  5. well theres something called overtime, if theres a big problem you work overtime, if you dont want to work overtime, get your sorry arse and kindly fk off. If at my work we have such an issue it means overtime, doesnt matter if its only 1 person, but if they stay longer than i do, i have to fix it before they leave, if they start earlier than me, i have to fkin fix it.
  6. man if youd actually work like this somewhere else youd get thrown out fast than you can say fk 😉 Hey, about 200 people cant log in cuz of a bugged item, ah we will fix that tomorrow. Well in any other company youd get booted for this. Just fkin fix this sht.
  7. three *quack* hours ago Hime basically said: we know what the problem is and we are readying a fix for deploy. but the was three *quack* hours ago, so the fix should be ready or not? @Hime
  8. i mean actually its good that people tried to log in, so the issue is known.
  9. @Himeso when can we expect the issue to be resolved? its 4 hours now since the first people have started experiencing this issue.
  10. i expect a fk up every wednesday, just this time i was too excited so i forgot that its patch day. something you learn from Microsoft, Patchday (Wednesday) is fk up day.
  11. also remember, everything we get, the muricans get too, so they always win, no matter our damage.
  12. yes yes, apparently you 2 clowns never actually worked on a backend, theres a lot of sht that can go wrong, but ill let you cry a bit. sorry not sorry that you guys cant just Solo most content. and no i dont work 1st level, i have done that for a time in the past, but people are just clarted, so i was like: nah fk this. ill let you two suck each other off. have fun with that ^^
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