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  1. You can grab your celestial weapon in the transmute menu. Takes 3 of the grand celestial forgestones from the dragon express solar energy tab. It's account bound after you transmute it so if you have a toon with more solar energy you can craft it on them and mail it.
  2. Thanks for responding everyone and also thanks for pretty much proving my point. The point was that it is a really good game and I've been enjoying it for years now. I have taken a break here and there but for the most part, I've stuck with it. Buuuuuuut there needs to be a huge overhaul on how some of these items are earned. I don't care if you PvP or PvE and I especially don't care at all if you're F2P. If you are F2P and never spend anything on the game to support it then I don't think you really have much of a say in anything. (BTW this isn't me trying to attack anyone. It's just my opini
  3. @Hime & Devs Was thinking the game could be so much better if NC would stop milking people for every cent they have and make all items easier to earn especially if you subscribe and are already supporting the game. That way you have more people subscribing and earn money because it's a good game?!?! A few of the top whales paying 100s or even 1000s of dollars isn't better than thousands or tens of thousands of people paying for a subscription monthly. F10 items should be a boost for people if they want to spend more real money on the game rather than a necessity if you want to
  4. Nice I haven't read this anywhere, but it would definitely be a great addition to the game. Any chance you can shoot me where you have seen this info?
  5. Obviously missed the point, didn't read everything or doesn't know the difference in a suggestion or complaint (Plus I never complained about spending money and think all should if they play for an extended period of time).... Point is to add a new feature for something you can work towards and earn in game. Even if it is after the fact that you unlock all your slots with hmcoins/ncoins. Would also allow a clan to put designs or other items they accumulate in a vault versus mailing them to an alt just to save space. This was just a suggestion in hopes that the devs may read it and think "oh ye
  6. Anyway we can get a new inventory system that actually let's us work towards making it larger? Rather than one that only expands if we buy pouches off of the F10 store. I get that there are plenty of F2P people that expect something for nothing, but my family and I are not one of them. We really do enjoy the game; we subscribe, buy outfits on F10 often I might add (even though the whole gaming industry moving to cosmetics being purchased is garbage. Majority of people play to be powerful or to look cool or both and buying everything takes that away from every game.), take part in trove and sev
  7. I know I'm not literally the only person that plays or has a family that plays Blade & Soul overseas on the NA servers? None of the timed events come close to working out unless we stay up between 2 a.m. - 5 a.m. just to take part. i.e. - Clan Warfare, Koldrak's Lair or PvP Legend mode. I am sure there are many reasons why people would play on an NA server versus one that may be closer. For example living in a temporary location and wanting to continue playing on the server you started on. The Clan Warfare shows up in F8 as to a 12 hour window from 10 -10 Tues, Th
  8. That sucks sorry to hear it. I'm sure it'll happen with a lot of people. Me personally I try to avoid the market like it's the plague. I view it as more of my fellow gamers trying to screw me vs the company.... Totally sucks 100% with misleading information just days in advance. But gamers are the ones that jacked the prices up almost double, not them. Granted it was because of them it happened. But that's why I didn't buy any.
  9. I agree it's messed up to release some notes a week early and then change it last minute. But lets play devils advocate here for a minute. How is it sooooo wrong for a company to have a plan and share it with it's players? Then realize oh crap if we do this it will diminish the value of an item, and change it and still try to compensate the community. NC aren't the ones that control market prices. That is the gaming community and their greed as well by trying to rip you off and make a huge profit in the end. Stop supporting gold farmers or other players that continue to screw you on the m
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