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  1. LOL wait what? I was intending on returning because of the gunslinger and system changes, but not anymore. Sorry I have a life and don't check in daily on a game that had potential, but lost my interest and was only regained when on chance, I caught wind of a new class and system changes that should hopefully address some of the things that drove me away in the first place. GG Well, plenty other games to play. I'll just plant this game on a permanent black list and ignore any future news about it.
  2. To all the low ap players in F8

    Making your own party doesn't even help most the time-I made my own party only for it to be filled with obnoxious lvl 50s who think I should worship them because they were magnanimous enough to take 10mins out of their busy schedule to run a dungeon. It got to the point where (obviously before I was 50 myself) if I started a party and I saw any lvl 50s I instantly left the party because I just don't want to deal with all that bullshit...sadly even the lower level characters who are alts also display similar levels of sociopathy so I actively dread going into dungeons with people. I like world bosses and doing my quests-that's where my fun from the game comes from...sadly. Dungeons are a no go because the population is so small I will repeatedly end up in parties with the very same people I left for and there's hardly anyone to do open world content with and when you do find someone...they're high lvl 50 hms that just one shot everything anyway. Add that frustrations from that to just he most horrendous community I've every had the displeasure of experiencing...and I for one, as a new player, already have one foot out the door. If I see a social guild recruit that strikes my fancy over the next couple days, then I will stay...otherwise, buh-bye. These people won't have to worry about my low AP causing them so much distress at least so it's a win-win for everyone...in the short term-y'all will lose in the long term as your player base dwindles.
  3. To all the low ap players in F8

    Uh-huh.... Well this thread has convinced me to leave the game, gg (well unless I happen to see some social clan recruitment over the next couple days that I don't have to risk interacting with you people in pugs). I'm a new player, just started about a week ago and the community is easily among the least pleasant and least amicable I have every had the displeasure of experiencing in a mmorpg. Far too many childish, temper tantrum throwing cyber warriors for my tastes. Hell, the other day in the open world a lvl 33 assassin and his friend spent the better part of 30minutes harassing me (I was lvl 38) for killing the Deva boss and trying out the different skills/builds/elements thingy. Said I was a 'high level player leeching off low levels'...yes...the lvl 33 said that, then afterwards coincidentally a lvl 50 came along and camped the boss thereby preventing about 4 of us there (the retarded assassin had left) from killing it. That's just the open world...don't even get me started on dungeons-I actually hated reaching lvl 50 because I'm now in the same category as the asswipes who think we should sacrifice our first born son to them for them clearing a dungeon. As new as I am, I helped people get through the few dungeons I could manage my self, and while there were some who were inconsiderate...I just left the party since it was no big deal to me-however in no way did I encounter the frequency you people claim 'low AP' players display. For convenience, they should add an AP filter to the dungeon finder-that just makes sense imo, but that won't change the generally rotten community I've experienced, so consider that my parting gift. Rather than whining about low AP players-try asking for an AP restriction option in the dungeon finder, that way you and your l33t friends can enjoy the game and the other filthy casuals will get bored (because the population in this game doesn't appear to be exactly booming now....) and leave the game, WITHOUT having to expose themselves to you lot. Sigh...one of the two (that's right, I only met TWO decent people in this shithole of a community in over 7 days) people who don't have deep social issues assured me that the community gets better once I'm level 50...but seeing this thread....no....no it does not appear that way at all. The mechanics are fun, world appealing, characters endearing, aesthetics outstanding....a bit much on the grinding for my liking though, but the reason I'm quitting is because of you lot-the community. Have fun dwindling your own player base with your toxicity...y'all truly shining examples of geniuses. Ironic...that the majority of players of a game whose main story was all about being compassionate, using your strength for others and not yourself, the value of building relationships...are some of the most inconsiderate, elitist, selfish, self-centered, antisocial people I've met in a mmorpg.
  4. Maestro

    I think he's just trolling....