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  1. 2 years of break- what has changed?

    Only majon change is BnS is pay-2-win now. 2 years ago of course you could buy some costumes, adornments for real cash. But now you can buy essential upgrade materials to upgrade your weapon, accessories, souls etc. I think it's safe to say that you can't reach high-end tier items if you swipe. Other than that, there's now 6v6 arena where items matter... Much matter... The rest is pretty much the same.
  2. An honest question

    I can agree on that, yes some endgame items are optional, you can clear all raids and dungeons with 1150ap or so. But when it comes to 6v6, even gems do play huge roles. My question still stands; is it possible to get high-end items if you don't pay?
  3. An honest question

    Yes, upgrade materials are farmable and it takes time, but my initial question was how long it would take to max gears. By the time you get enough mats to max your gears, they no longer will be maxed gears... Pet pods and Sacred oils are another story, what about gems? A single gilded triangle gem costs more than my whole account :)
  4. An honest question

    Exactly.So it fits ''pay-to-win'' definition. By pay-2-win i mean; being able to purchase something that normal non-paying players would not have access to, and which gives paying players a tangible gameplay advantage.
  5. An honest question

    A single high-end item such as maxed soul costs much more than all those items you listed.
  6. An honest question

  7. An honest question

    That's actually true, devs also force people to go 6v6 to get upgrade mats like moonstones and soulstones. So it's like a vicious cycle; -to get high level items you need mats, -to get mats you need to go 6v6, -to go 6v6 you need high level items
  8. An honest question

    Well, of course you don't have to have aransu and all other high-end items right away, it was just a rhetorical question. My point is, by the time they reduce raven upgrade cost, they implemenet another upgrade with new weapons/accessories (like aransu and in 2-3 week new elemental rings and earrings) and your items are still at average level. That's why i made this topic, is it really possible to max your gear without paying even if you play, let's say 10 hours a day?
  9. An honest question

    I feel you. Started playing in 2016 January, since then i try to max my gears but in every two week or so there's a huge update, new items, new upgrade paths. And in every update, i feel a little bit left behind. My point in this topic was to see if i had some problem with it or it was really impossible to reach high end gear without paying.
  10. An honest question

    I dont mind farming and waiting a year to max my gears but by the time i achieve it, those items will be avarage level items...
  11. A: What should we do to boost trove event sales? B: What if we put Jewels and Elements in drop list? A: That's a good idea B: Not done, what if we remove jewels and elements from dragon express or make them nearly impossible to get A: Well done B: We should also make soulstones and other materials accessible tru 6v6 pvp so people will need to spend real money to have a chance in 6v6 A: Somebody give that a man a cookie.
  12. An honest question

    From 1 year now, there'll be 10 new raids, 40 new purple dungeons, 7 new weapon paths...
  13. An honest question

    What do you mean by not very long?
  14. An honest question

    An honest question to veteran players, in your opinion how long would it take to make such character for a non-paying player? Is it even possible?
  15. 50 box RIP off

    No sympathy for losers, keep spending you'll get your item eventually :) I had to choose between a Ducati Monster 696 and a 1200+ ap character in BnS, now i have fun when i ride outside :)