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  1. Mushin Tower Ranking

    from your ss, how the heck does a bd burst it in just under 5s -___- I could prob get mine to 13s or so but jesus
  2. DPS Tier [NA/EU] - 10/2017

    Party had non-blackwing sb and no bb, I parse higher with cosmic soul but have red soul atm for f20/toi Living God is the #1 gunner for f20 atm and max geared, as am I. He beat me on 1/5 Dark vicars in our spams just now, the rest I was on top. He tanks during the gunner mega burst and I take over like 20-30s after the start. The damage goes to roughly equal with bb, and gunner favour with blackwing sb and bb by a little bit.
  3. DPS Tier [NA/EU] - 10/2017

    Ya'll putting bd way too low on this list.
  4. Divine Grace Stone availability?

    saw my first divine grace stone on my 7th IF run, normal mode
  5. Server Merge Discussion

    uhm....hello? "To help all players have the ability to experience the new raids, we are consolidating servers on August 9. This will affect both North American and European servers—the end result being that all players will be transferred to two realms for North America (Yura and Zulia) and three for Europe (Jinsoyun, Eisenherz, and Naksun). We’ll have more details in the next few days, but to prepare for this, we’ll be disabling server transfers after the July 26 maintenance."