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  1. That is how NC makes their money. They also mentioned that the new rose set will be added in a non rng way in the future after people have already spent hundreds trying to get rose fabrics and the costume LOL. Pretty much just never spend money on rng stuff in BNS and you'll never get screwed over.
  2. Maybe go back and read your comment again because it sounded like you were the one getting upset and defensive over someone asking if secretkeeper will be account bound. Also seemed annoyed that they're bringing up this topic. So I guess we're both petty since I pretty much responded back with the same ignorance you had in your post. As if this isn't petty lol, Bye Felicia. I also didn't get the vibe that your comment was an opinion, more like you thought it was a fact but whatever. Lets move on like you said.
  3. It was an event outfit just like Pistachio Dream which is now account bound so how about you stop and move on. Just because you don't want it to be tradable amoung chars don't mean others want the same thing -_-
  4. Since they're allowing people to use lvl 50 vouchers then I doubt they're having a leveling event unless they make it so only those that actually leveled up their character instead of buying voucher gets the free outfit.
  5. I see many using size as a reason for not giving gunner to certain races but that isn't a valid reason at all. There are videos of skinny women and men, heck even children shooting guns so to me any of the races are capable of having gunner as a class.
  6. Hi, I recently just got around to finally playing this game. So far I'm enjoying the blade master but I've read that it gets boring in the higher levels, bad at pvp, and that kung fu master is the better tank at endgame because of buffs. Now I'm doubting if I want to continue playing this class and if it would be best to pick something else? If I were to play something else what would be your recommendation? I've always played as the tank in most games so I don't mind learning to tank properly but how hard is tanking overall in this game?
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