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  1. I confirm. Lag is everywhere. Shouldn't be a problem for PVE unless it is a raid. For PvP, you are screwed if your ping is trash. Duel arena people are ping carried, somehow they have no button delays. How about a good macro or Maybe paying extra for a VPN so you can win would be a good idea? Lol. I've watched streamers and ytubers play with better connections and they don't experience the same issues. Playing in dungeons ping is 160, arena ping is 200-240, raids 160-180. That is a regular connection in the U.S. with no VPN, not a really good connection because it has button delays which will affect you if you try to pVp competitively.

  2. 2 hours ago, Grimoir said:

    Actually they are dumbing the dungeons down because people have lost the ability to use more than 1 brain cell to stun, kd or even use SB/SF (yes thats a thing, had a hm12 warden who didnt SB even once during the entire run). Classes arent being dumbed down. the fact you did 100 runs to get the gear...well good for you, you wanted it so bad to do the runs then i congratulate you on your feeling of achievement, but the 100 runs  were stupid to begin with, them changing it to 10 actually helped a lot of newer players out.

    Dont blame improvements they made to the game for your own desire to have something instead of waiting.

    You really think I wanted to do those runs? It was the only method at the time in order to get the PvP gear for 6v6, rng sucks like always and never dropping anything, ultimately all for moonstones to upgrade. What do you think I experienced through out all those runs in f8? I was the one carrying and recruiting randoms every single run as BD tank. So when I ended up grinding for those items, which was how you used to get them, they basically shat on all that grinding I had just done. I just clearly said , there is no sense of achievement when they ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ on your grinding. Thank you anyways. Achievement incentives would be somewhat of a solution to this. For the classes, they are bringing out 1 button press handicap classes, Gunner and Warden, how are those not dumbed down classes? Might as well call it improvements for bot farming simulation with no challenge. Waiting until they are done changing stuff is the best option. Exactly why the post is called no point in grinding anymore. I don't mean to ruin any fun or gameplay for anyone, since every individuals experience will be different with all the new changes that will keep coming. The story was the main thing I liked.

  3. Same here, just pointing out stuff. I have those 4000 achievement points on all my alts, even more on my 2 mains. I have all classes at Raven stage weapons, except 2 at Aransu. I know all the class weaknesses. This is simply my perspective of the game. Any grinding in the game will become irrelevant eventually anyways, within 2 or 3 months, therefore there is no point in the grind whether PVE or PVP. I guess you and them can focus improving whaling methods and how to be handicap 1 button class players. Whatever floats  your boat. 

  4. So you justify their cash grabs and broken handicap classes instead of them fixing actual class balance and performance issues. Back when I started I at least had an illusion of achievement when I earned the gear by actually playing the game. They are actually killing the game, dumbing down the new classes, dumbing down the dungeon mechanics. Game is now filled with handicap macro users and 1 button class players. It was just a few months ago where you needed at least 100 dungeon runs in order to earn the achievement to buy the damn pvp item. All the time wasted there, when I could've just waited 3 months later to get it for free. That is literally what PVE is, a grind. That's why I quit PVE because there is no sense of achievement. I'll just wait 2 years from now, come back and spend on trove and catch up so easily.

  5. I played since last year around June of 2017. I literally had to run the dungeons hundreds of times to get my PvP gear. EL, HH, SSM and DD over a hundred times. Every new class they brought out was completely broken from the start. Gunner just pressing 1 button. Warden literally pressing 1 button and killing me with gear that I literally took weeks to earn, while these people took a few minutes to whale on trove. It's turning into a very nice game. All the grinding for nothing. Thanks for the 1st time MMO experience and your mass disrespect to the players that actually played countless hours in your garbage game. Illusion broken.

  6. It's true. I've been playing solo since I started. The fake elitist mentality these people have are toxic. There is nothing Elite about these people. It is true though, most of these events are just grind-athons. Then the next event they will start giving out everything free after you just grinded for countless hours. At this point, all those dungeons are nerfed,  they literally don't need any mechanics anymore. Yet, nothing will change with the toxicity in f8.

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  7. I know a few people who don't have ping issues and run the game with low ping. They also don't experience the button press delays or ping spikes. They are in the US. I am as well. I have had different internet providers and that does not affect my gameplay in other mmos that I play. BDO runs smooth on my PC and so does Tera. BNS does okay in dungeons running at like 140ms, once I hit PVP whether 6v6 or 1v1, PVP is not even playable and that's the main reason I was playing the game. I guess 12ms, 250 Mbps for download speed outside the game is not enough for BNS pvp, right?

  8. I've been playing this game for a year now and these guys still don't fix the ping issues. Garbage. For sure they do cash grabs and stupid updates but no ping fixes. I haven't been able to enjoy 1v1 duels at all, since all the damn abilities have to be button spammed and the button presses don't register properly. Ping spikes from 80 ms to 200 ms during a match. Feels good. Let's continue with some more cash grabs. I have max level characters and participate in PVE and PVP in other mmos like BDO and Tera, not once have I experienced any ping issues or delays like in this game. Based off other posts on this pvp section, it seems like 1v1 arena has been forgotten. It's that time of realization that this game is done. Farming the same dungeons in PVE ain't fun. So no reason to play anymore, right? 

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