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  1. I have a new one. Friend who has not ever had BnS on the current computer his is using (with windows 10 on it) is having a strange issue. He has the new installer installed. When he attempts to get to the part that is trying to install the actual game, he gets his msiexec window popping up instead. This happens after he hits agree on the game installation part of the process. I do have a picture of the msiexec but I don't know if it has private information on it and don't want to put him at risk of hacking ect so I am not posting it right now. Any thoughts?
  2. I have been getting random disconnects from server from what I believe is server lag. This needs to be fixed asap as this has happened to me sever times in the past! I have not been the only one so that leads me to believe it is on NC Soft side.
  3. Any official and set date on when these will be released?
  4. Its horrible today. More so than yesterday. I've gotten disconnected twice as well as major lag and can't do anything. I'm sitting there getting hit but can't hit back. FREAKING FIX IT DEVS!
  5. I have been playing a lot this morning and am still experiencing lag. I know its not my own connection because everything else is running smoothly. This has been going on since yesterday and I am told others were experiencing this. What is going on with the game??
  6. Any eta's on when our friend's list is going to be fixed? I still do not see nothing on my list but error message.
  7. Is there a way to buy NCoin for another person? Where do I find such a feature if it exists?
  8. I have some confusion. I thought all existing accounts were getting a free slot for Gunslinger? A friend says he doesn't have his.
  9. Anyone know of a for sure date on when Gunner is coming out? I tried to find this online before asking. Thanks in advance.
  10. Jinxae Xu


    Says this link doesn't work.
  11. Jinxae Xu


    What is going on with the servers the last two nights? People are playing and having fun and wouldn't you know it BAM! major lag spikes. This is really unacceptable. What gives?
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