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  1. essentially NCSOFT could create more servers in 1 server to create a bigger server in order to deflate the excess lag. also they could fix up the f9 exchange but they aren't going to.
  2. excuse me thread of angry wallets, that's selfish of you. think of the people without money, they can't just buy hm coins with gold now, yes that is their mistake. they need to fix it, the inflated population of our server is truely inflated. and for an inflated game this market system is terrible. where are the low priced upgrades. This is why we don't have more than like... 2 clans running the damn raids within an hour. thanks for that. you angry wallets give the no-wallet players a lesser chance at enjoying the game like it should be. this game is torture for those who hate repeating the sa
  3. It shouldn't just be about them though, thats the thing. The community might want a nice event like this, even if it is once a year. It's what makes the company who they are. When people see that the anime is an event there will be people coming to the game that are interested in the anime that will bring more sales.
  4. Dear NCSoft, Thank you for responding to this thread. I can assure you, due to my personal experience in other games. Doing something like this is quite fun and interesting for the community. I give you one example of a MMORPG That has done this in the past and has had success from it. Mabinogi, a game made by Nexon and has previously co-operated with the makers of Fate/Stay Night and Sword Art Online to produce a fun and exciting event for the game. I was there for the Fate/Stay Night event, But heard about the Sword Art Online event through gamers that played through the event. For the Fate/
  5. If anyone has any other ideas to add to this or any feedback on my post. Please do so.
  6. Animes do crossovers just for fun. and It would be a nice change of pace for the game. instead of blasting away enemies you can take out players in a game of dodgeball or something, even volleyball or golf. or something like a treasure hunt or board game. you play as characters from an anime and do something fun that can set the pace of the game at a different level.
  7. Hey there Community, GMs and devs. I'd like for the possibility of an anime event in the future for obvious reasons. Anime is widely accepted throughout the world and it would make more memories than any trove would make for us. This is the opportunity to bring a new style of events to the game. Instead of having the event based in Cross Server, why not show off the BnS World as a crossover with some of the major animes. It would be heaps more fun than just doing the daily challenges.
  8. Couldn't agree more, i'm an F9 hmcoin exhanger, I sell my gold on there. Ok. So, The past days and ever since the merge, F9 has been flooded with 10g now its gotten less and down to 5g. What happens next? 1g exchanges? People not getting their gold sold within 16 hrs? damn I missed my chance to buy that outfit. i need more time i need more options on obtaining hmcoin. venture tokens are not very generous. I haven't gotten 1 single sparkling venture token ever since i joined. Do they exist? I've tried selling 50g and it doesn't sell. Not even 100g.
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