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  1. 2x launcher (matryoshka.exe)

    Ever since the 1st day event, ive been getting problems non stop. First i tried buying 50 trove keys, it bugged out on me and eventually took my ncoins without giving my keys in the mail. I sent a ticket to support, so far its been over an entire week and they havent done anything nor told me anything helpful like status on it and stuff, no mod or whoever in charge acknowledges me in the forum, and now after this update fiasco, i too uninstalled and reinstalled the game and keeps on telling me that it has problems updating. Mine literally inches its way a 1% for every 5-10 mins, fails, then I have to redownload the update and go through it over and over and over and over, highest I reached so far is 12% and this is day 2 on that one. Ive already lost an entire day trying to make room on my computer to download this massive memory hog, This is the worse #@!$^ up ever by bns in all my years of playing this game!
  2. Missing Ncoins/Items/Trove Keys

    Mana any news on your situation? Mines been going on for over a week and still they haven't done anything to fix it. I lost an entire week where I couldn't trove cus of this bug/glitch.
  3. New launcher

    Yep first I have a ticket in support that's been going on for an entire week now with a useless response and with no fix/refund of my missing 50 trove keys/ 2327 ncoins, and now I had to reinstall the game all over. Gets worse and worse each time.
  4. f4 friends list,are you listening?

    Ya mines been broken for nearly a year now too and i pretty much just gave up on it
  5. Missing Ncoins/Items/Trove Keys

    Ya im currently on day 5 with support since this happened, and each time I reply back to them with a message through the email or whatever, it seems my ticket time resets and gets pushed back to the end of the line again. With the missing ncoins taken from us with no items received in return, this is literally theft.
  6. Missing Ncoins/Items/Trove Keys

    Here's the math. Sorry to let off all this steam and frustration on you manaberry lol. Records will show in my transaction history that I have purchased 4000 ncoins for $50 on march 13. The same day as the first event day. I had 6ncoins from the past, so add that together that makes 4006 ncoins total. Subtract that with two other purchases I have made on that same day. 6 trove expansion bundle for 955 ncoins. 4006-955= 3051. A today's special: trove keys x3 for 60 ncoins. 3051-60 and you'll get 2991ncoins. So far no problem. The big problem comes afterwards. I didn't make any additional purchases except when I attempted to buy the 50 trove key bundle. I know I clicked the button to buy it, several times, multiple times but it wouldn't let me. Why would it not let me? 2991-2327= 664. I should have enough. But the game tells me I do not. Insufficient funds. Why?!?!? I have no clue! Yet that's what was eventually taken from me a few hours later, 2327 ncoins. How do I know it was that amount? Cus my current total ncoins right now is 664. Checked my mail, inventory, no overflow of inventory, no keys. Not even a hint of that shiny pink metal. The game failed us in an epic way.
  7. Missing Ncoins/Items/Trove Keys

    I got the same basic message too. The reply back I got from support was asking me if I was referring to a different account because they dont see my 50 trove key purchase. WHAT!?!?! That's the problem! I made 2 purchases before I got bugged out. Those 2 purchases went through fine. When I went to buy the 50 keys that's when the whole fiasco started. I just gave them a screenshot of my hstore purchase history and the ncoin total I currently have. Mine too have a failed transaction that didn't show up in the history yet ncoins were deducted from my account. I even did the whole math for them starting with my 4000ncoin purchase for $50 on the first day of the event, minus the 2 other purchases I did that shows on my history. My attempts to purchase 50 trove keys for 2327ncoins failed even though it wasn't suppose to. Yet with what's remaining on my total ncoins right now, it clearly shows in black and white, 2327 ncoins are missing from my account with no keys anywhere to show for it. 2327 ncoins dont just walk up and disappear like that for no reason. Especially when I was suppose to receive my 50 trove keys. Day 4 of this terrible experience, in which you and I are in the same boat. I want to level up my character with what little gold I got. I need gold to trove. To trove I need keys. I would like to trove but it didnt give me my keys even though clearly 2327ncoins was deducted from me. Felt like I got robbed.
  8. Missing Ncoins/Items/Trove Keys

    Ya its been 3 days for me too with the support ticket
  9. Missing Ncoins/Items/Trove Keys

    Ya to be honest manaberry I thought I was the only one who was missing the trove keys and ncoins, and been freaking out this entire time. It was only when I saw your posts about you missing stuff too that, in a twisted way, i'm glad i wasn't the only one lol. I'm also jealous the mods noticed your post and replied to yours, even though I made a very similar one too on thursday and no mods said anything to me lol.
  10. Missing Ncoins/Items/Trove Keys

    Ive been trying to get support to help me for over 2 days already. I clicked to buy 50 trove keys but it glitched on me said I had insufficient funds. I saw on the bottom i had 2991ncoins which is more than enough but the same message kept popping up every time i clicked it. Well I saw the ncoins didn't deduct so I figured it was just some bad lag or something. An hour or so pass by and when I checked the hongmoon store, my ncoin total went down and it was exactly the cost of the 50 trove key bundle (2327 ncoins). I checked my mail and no key. Mail isnt full, inventory not even close to being full, don't see the keys I was suppose to get anywhere. I've been waiting so patiently for anyone in support to give me an answer (even sending a twitter to bns op). I was hoping I could trove this one time and play with my lyn warden but nope. Something screwed up and over $25 worth of ncoins is missing and no keys in my mail. Its like that vending machine that eats your money and won't let you choose your selection.
  11. No Hongmoon code after 2 days!

    lol im already waiting 15 hrs so far with my ticket
  12. Cant contact ncsoft support

    i sent a ticket like 13 hrs ago too but about my missing 50 trove keys and still no answer. we all in a giant sinking ticket waiting boat lol
  13. All I wanted to do was trove this time, since in a very long time, level up my lyn warden, and go out and play. But I'm now pretty much standing around all day, not really doing much for fear I might have something screwed up even more.
  14. there is none. zero in trove window, zero in mail box, zero in inventory. I sent the ticket last night and still no answer this morning. 2327 ncoins is a lot to me and I'm freaking out over my missing stuff. I mean why would they take my ncoins away and give me nothing in return?
  15. I bought the $50 ncoins first and that gave me 4000 ncoins, I had like 6 ncoins before the purchase left over from the past. I waited several hours for the purchase to go through and once I got it, I bought 6 expansions and used it. (3051 ncoins now). Since the time I purchased the ncoins till I received it, by now the hstore got restocked and I saw 3 trove keys for 60 ncoins for sale. I bought that and used it. (2991 ncoins now). No problem so far. Then I went for the 50 ncoin bundle. When I clicked on the button to purchase it, my game froze for a bit and when it unfroze due to lag, a window popped up and told me that I have insufficient funds. Looking at the bottom of the screen shows I did have more than enough with 2991 ncoins. I thought it was just lag again so I clicked to buy it and still same window and message. I figured cus I recently bought the ncoins with my credit card I couldn't purchase the more expensive stuff for now. I'm still in the game and a hr or 2 goes by and I went to check on the hstore again and noticed I'm missing ncoins. It shows 664 ncoins. So I went ohh! my purchase probably went through now. Figured new update, loads of people playing and buying, I was just lagging hard earlier. When I checked my mail, expecting the 50 trove keys to be in there, there is none. Checked everywhere, none. So I submitted my ticket before midnight and people told me that when they did their ticket, and went to bed, support usually respond by the next morning. Its morning, currently its been around 10 hrs since I submitted my ticket and I still see nothing done. No keys nor refund of my ncoins that went missing. And here I am now.