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  1. same I tried 4 times including karii the 2nd boss and nothing, something off about spawn rate it seems.
  2. Whats more, we even asked on your twitter accounts if this "4x powder thing per hexa" change was indeed legit, getting written confirmation. Now, I'm speechless.
  3. Ncwest Just make yourselves a favor and stop announcing things at all k, you're just killing your own game. The gem powder conversion was something actually GOOD for the entire comunity. Now with the 10 gold that we're getting from each radiant, expect the hcoin ratio go down the drain cuz of the mass influx of gold from the upcoming antiques conversion. I sincerely keep asking myself why I'm still playing this game when with every major uptade theres mass ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ups. PLS live up with what you announced in the livestream.
  4. The lvl difference for high end bosses and their respective hp increase is absurd, we basically have to have multiple whales to clear. it's like basically doing 55 content with our current l50 characters.
  5. You guys are basically playing this game for free and yet complain about recharging 60 Ncoins for the whole duration of this event? Call me crazy but I've spent way more buying games that only last for few weeks top compared to Bns that has kept me playing for over 3 months now.
  6. You always knew that eventually riftwalk and dawnforged would turn into raven yet decided to make your raven weapon, now with nebula stones at higher lvls the cost reduction is only 20% and I expect it even to be less at higher rift/dawn levels. If you're dedicated to this game ofc you would check whats happening in other regions and what content we are expected to get in a near future, its not the games fault to update. Besides that 4k difference is only acceptable if you have the gold to upgrade it all at once and within the set period of time that these nebula stones last, I h
  7. Reducing cost to allow new players to catch up in content is a part of MMOS, you got to enjoy having raven for a while. now with new tiers and dungeons around the corner things become more accesible to everyone. Just deal with it.
  8. this, ppl doesnt seem to understand the term of opportunity cost. The fact that you can farm those materials doesnt mean its cheaper because you are basically losing money for not selling them on the market or using them to upgrade your gear.
  9. I simply dont get it what is so hard to understand, we need sacred oils price to be reduced significantly. This way you're making it even more expensive to craft one... I rather buy the extra 15 evolution stones than crafting DOUBLE the sts and buying10x moonstones which basically negates the evolved stone reduction in terms of cost.
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