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  1. There's a bug where the reward shows up in my received items before I actually get it. I don't like this because it spoils the surprise :( Discuss ^_^
  2. Lost Continent missing VO

    Act 8 chapter 7 has missing voiceovers in the village part of the quest. :(
  3. Missing VO

    Many of the voiceovers are missing in Act 5. I see the story text but when I talk to the NPCs some of the things they say lack VO. This looks really bad as the VO really give the game a polished feel. I'm pretty sure you know how important VO is in games like this. Discuss ^_^
  4. Forum avatar

    How do I change my avatar on the forums?
  5. Female dragon pulse emissary has a male VO

    As funny as it may be, it needs to be fixed. :P
  6. server mt now?

    Did they fix the character level bug?