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  1. So u quit, but everyone i have announcement too: I'll keep playing. I don't care abt the pings or crashes, since those rarely happen. (I don't live in germany) I just play more or less, whenever i feel like it. Sometimes pve, sometimes pvp. As long as i enjoy it. People who are done with the game are propably playing with the laptop they bought from nearest market and using cellphone internet.
  2. actually the thing that needs to be done is higher upgrade costs or smth more to upgrade. When people have too much extra gold, or are able to make it too quickly, the gold wont sell because everyone are offering it.
  3. idk if u want to guarantee the costume, i request you to buy ncoins, buy gold with them, then purchase the costume from f5 around 1200g. no gambles and money lost.
  4. I noticed today that the cat will go straight alive even if its dead, also no combat mode! Thanks for fixing that. :) <3
  5. Yeah everything is kinda fkd up in eu server. over 600 ppl que during day, fps and dc problems all day long.
  6. my fps is sh*t (around 25) when i go to the server, when it has always been 60... and game crashes all the time since patch.
  7. Finally a good answer and not an argument based on nothing. This is what i'm thinking about too. 100k is not enough, like i told you, in 6v6 one player can easily do 100k per second. Which is causing that i actually need to resummon my cat all the time, but i also have to leave the battle to possibly get it back, or atleast try to leave since someone always follow u, run till the end of the world for 10 min just to resummon that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ cat. It's no use to send your tool to a person who can press 1 button and its dead. It is same thing than half of your skills as melee class wou
  8. Im top 100 class rank summoner I don't think myself as a bad player. It's one of the best class for bronze rank 6v6 where everyone sucks.
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