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  1. It doesnt help me, i tried running client in both mods, x64 and x32, same results, sometimes i get somehow 30 fps, but for a few seconds, when i m running fps drops from 30 to 10 or 11, so, it help but not too much. xD only with a few fps :)))) tested in jaedstone village, same variation as tomb of exile entrance 30 fps for 20-30 seconds then is dropped to 10-11 when i m moving or running and also tested on frontier's edge, doesnt climb more than 25 and drops in combat to 8-9 fps...dunno what else to do and i m starting to get pissed off cuz i was playing a lot and i really like it. I made lvl
  2. yes, i have x64 OS. And yes, it's enable. On both video cards, and yes, they are switching each other properly when i open BNS client, so is moving to AMD, as in this picture below the first one..i tried everything was possible..works awesome the configuration and this machine on everything..except BNS...where i'm out of ideas.
  3. Is deactivated. I have monitor refreshing rate.
  4. Thanks for the idea..i will give a shot to that program. Regarding the game and ncsoft, yeah, i know the free to play games that following money path.. i played a lot of those. But, ncsoft this time really tried to help me. I talked with them on several mails, and by several i mean more than 20 where they tried to help me. Starting with basic things from reparing files, running in compatibility and other stuffs, untill sending them dxdiag reports, speccy reports, measurements of the cpu, gpu, ram and everything during the playing, finally telling them that might be from the gameguard that they
  5. Yes, i tried lowest possible settings, with 1 and 2..fps keeps the same rate...is variating with 2 or 3 fps, upper if i m going to lower pc settings and lower with 2 or 3 if i m going for high details settings. But i dont have any problem with any other mmorpgs. For example Lineage II still from ncsoft, AION, Terra, Archeage, Revelations, Guild wars 2...all of them on full details, even many other games that doesnt fit mmorpg class games. except BNS .....
  6. No, it doesnt work. I tried to split the affinity for each process that have connection with client.exe. So i tried to move client.exe on CPU 0 and CPU 2 only, disableing the odds, and moved the xinguard on CPU1 and CPU3. I tho maybe if they can run on different cores doesnt interfere with each other causing a flood of datas. Bunt it doesnt work on both cases, x64 client and x32 client. Same fps, i dont have more than 17-18 and sometimes 5-6 fps when i m running.
  7. Tried that also, on x32 client. Ncsoft already told me to do that, nothing fixed...still the same drop of fps..between 6-20 fps..in open field..dungeons..i dont even talk about it..is freezing in 2 sec. Now i m trying something else, working on IT and programming i had an idea, just wanna test it and maybe will help you too!
  8. Hello there! I have a huge problem with low fps in BNS since an update 3 weeks ago, i guess was a gameguard update. I have a decent machine that running with Intel i3 1.9 Ghz, 8 GB of RAM and 2 GB dedicated video card from AMD Radeon 8530M . Nothing bad untill level 50 since that update. After update i just barely did lvl 50 HM 7 with heavy fps drops and i mean in open field, not in dungeons, i cant even play in dungeons. So, I mailed ncsoft regarding this BNS problems and we did all possible ways to fix this. A lot of possibilities i've done it myself before contact them but finally the
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