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  1. Can someone help me understand new skills? How can spec threat for Warden and BM? How can I remove threat from thrall? What is the best way to spend the new points on a character skill upgrade?
  2. It is a priority if you have 5 mains :D
  3. Hi, Can you make clan joining per account instead of character? It is very frustrating to find a clan for each character. Each clan is looking for mains only. If this is made possible, I won't be looking for a competitive clan each time I want to farm peaches or get a discount on upgrade fee. Also, I can focus all my game play for one clan with all my alts.
  4. Hi, Happened twice so far that I get stuck in one position and I cannot move. Hope you can apply solution for it soon.
  5. Hi, I want help with my WL DPS rotation PVE. My stable DPS is around 140-150K and sometimes even lower. Here is a link of my WL's gear https://bnstree.com/character/eu/manic chicken
  6. All of your points are interesting, except I do not care about PvP anyway. The pet pack system is a garbage. I need to transfer the pet packs to one ALT to reach legendary aura but support (brain dead) says it is character bound item and can only benefit the character which obtained it. I hope this message reach the developers early and that they act on it soon, not after a year or so as usual. The F2 bug and thrall bug are already overdue on a fix.
  7. Hi, Why pets, like any other item, cannot be stacked in one spot? Also, what is the deal with not making Pet Pack bound to account? Should not it be like the Sacred Oil and Sealed Sacred Oil where sacred oils are bound to account. Any thoughts?
  8. 10 Weeks are equal to 2 months and a half; that is not by far short time. Also, if it drops, you can bid on it if you cannot wait any more. Now it's been 14 weeks without Ice Earing.
  9. Hello all, I have been trying to get my Premafrost Earing for my WL for the past 13 weeks; but no success. I am suggesting to add something like in trove where there is a counter for how many drought runs without the accessory droping; which ensure that you do not have to wait for ages to get your accessories. Hope you like the idea. Thanks
  10. Hi all, I am trying to finish the training for the Shadow build "Key Combo - Soul Shackle", the combo is "X - 2 - RMB - 4 - RMB - 4". The problem is that by the time I am at the second RMB; 4 is not available to use. Any ideas on how to finish this training. Thanks
  11. Hi, This is sick. Either find a solution or make escape with no cooldown.
  12. Hi, I have used more than 1000 keys but the following items did not drop once/often: 1- Xanos Disks 2- All the Offal (Silence, Darkness and Luminence) 3- Hongmoon Secret Technique Volume 3 4- Longgui Soul Shield - Chest 8 5- Super Fan Costume 6- Plog Pal 7- Sealed Sacred Oil 8- Raven King's Soul or Sealed version of it 9- Yamato Pet
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