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  1. Upcoming Humble Brag System... off switch?

    I dragged it into the bottom corner, completely out of sight, with customise UI.
  2. Is it possible to use the level 50 voucher on an existing character that isn't level 50 yet?
  3. Extremely limited Weapon Storage

    Should've made it possible to convert dungeon weapons into skins to store into the showroom. What a disappointment, and a wasted opportunity...
  4. Profile picture

    Just let players select from a range of different avatars made by the developers, like some other official games forums do. There could be plenty to offer: -Avatars with the faces of important NPCs in the game. -Avatars representing each race, class and gender combination. -The icons representing the different races and classes. -Some of the Asian letter characters that you can find in the game. -Avatars using the game's art concept art.
  5. Is game gonna die ??

    1. How about no? What's the point in gaining more power if the enemies scale up to the player? 2. Sure... 3. No, world bosses suck. They were bad enough in Guild Wars 2, but let's not forget how poorly optimised Blade and Soul is. It would just be one gigantic lag fest for everyone involved. 4. BnS PvP is bad enough as it is. No reason to make it even worse. 5. What? 6. Monsters don't need to drop loot when we get everything from the dungeon rewards. 7. Blade Dancer is fine as it is. It's a class made for DPS, and already has the ability to grab enemies and to party block.
  6. I have 120 runs or so, and had it drop a few times. It's pretty rare, but you'll get it if you keep doing it every day.
  7. So much crap... not enough space....

    This game is pretty stingy on many fronts, but I wouldn't say inventory/bank space is one of them.
  8. Beginner's suffering

    I probably won't be online today because of work and maintenance times today but I'll add you when I come on.
  9. Beginner's suffering

    I'd be willing to guide you if you play on NA servers. What's your ingame name?
  10. Lyn Gunner confirmed on KR(?)

    A much needed update.
  11. Divine Grace Stone availability?

    I've done like 50 NM runs, and seen only one drop. Faster to wait for the next trove, unless you got a group of strong friends you can reliably farm the dungeon with on a daily basis.
  12. Raven upgrade costs

    If it's nothing, then why would people upgrade from Riftwalk to Raven, lol? Obviously, you pay for the extra power for using Raven...
  13. 'Bad' Players

    Getting more AP won't mean much, because success in the higher dungeons isn't dictated by merely having high AP, but rather knowledge of the mechanics and having decent gear (badges, Riftwalk+ weapon, legendary accessories, BT/VT stuff). You can have 1K+ AP and still have terrible damage without good items on you... It's far too easy now for new players to get to high AP levels, but still have awful gear, giving them a false sense of success. Getting personal DPS meters in dungeons with the upcoming update should help people gauge their own usefulness. If you do 30K DPS or less in NS, you're just going to be dead weight, no matter how well you know the mechanics.
  14. About upcoming Humble Bragging system

    I always hated these things in MMOs. The only achievements I care about are those of the people I know, like the people on my friends list.
  15. Or they could just not increase the level cap and continue making content for level 50. There's no point in a level cap increase if everything gets scaled up to the new cap for the content to be matched as it had been for players back at level 50.
  16. Ninja Nerf on EC DT NF NS

    I'd gone several weeks without finding a Bracelet in NS, then suddenly 2 dropped for me last week. It's always just RNG, nothing more.
  17. I've been wondering the same thing. We're levelling up, but still end up weaker than we were before the new level cap. I don't get it. If players were getting too strong, either just do a general nerf or adjust new dungeons to top players' power levels. Getting levels up should make us stronger, not weaker.
  18. How to unlock all the Hongmoon skills? -Buy the Duelist bundle on F10. -Spend lots of gold.
  19. Guide for Irontech Forge

    Actually, no. I joined groups as a newbie and just observed how people were playing and learned from that. And you don't really get to skip mechanics, because the monkey will wipe your group if there's even 1 guy who doesn't know what they're doing. And saying you were the last one standing doesn't mean you were actually the most useful. It's quite possible for a newbie to cause deaths to the players who do know what they're doing, so don't even try to act like you're better than the people who put effort into learning into this dungeon, unlike you who does nothing but whine about it being difficult.
  20. Black Friday Blade & Soul...

    "... deep discounts..."
  21. Which Class is your "Main" ?

    Blade Dancer for life.
  22. Guide for Irontech Forge

    People ask for 1K+ AP, because the dungeon is the 2nd highest 6-man dungeon currently out and the higher AP groups can bypass some of the mechanics, unlike low AP groups that are both slow and need to know all of the mechanics much better to be able to make it. With how easy it is to get higher weapon stages and gems nowadays, getting to 1K AP shouldn't be too much of an issue to any player who dedicated enough time (or money). Why are you even mentioning hard mode when you can't even make yourself useful in normal mode? All you do is complain when there are video guides right here that explain exactly what should be done. It's not that hard to find parties doing it and completing it, as long as you meet the minimum requirements and are willing to learn instead of complaining about how difficult it is. Join a group, ask people if you don't know about something. If no one's willing to explain, just stick to the group and observe what others are doing to learn how to play.
  23. Heaven's Mandate and Daily Challenge

    You join a My Orb My Loot group and are surprised people call you out for bidding on the loot when you weren't the one using an Orb? Orbs are several gold a piece, so it's only natural the player using it to unlock the instance gets the loot for free.
  24. BD DPS

    I have similar MS, playing as Lightning Blade Dancer. Gear Raven - Stage 6 BT Ring - Stage 6 Pyro Earring (can't find BT earring, lol) Oath Necklace - Stage 9 Dragon Bracelet - Stage 10 Awakened Ascending Soul Courage Soul Badge Pulse Mystic Badge 8 BT Soul Shield My DPS in training room is around 115K once it stabilises. The LF/s ratio I get is bad, but it's the best my MS will get me.
  25. I'm officially done spending money with NCSOFT

    Never trust RNG boxes. They're always in favour of the company selling them, never in favour of the thousands of players opening them (except for the 1-in-million guy that gets the best things on 1st opening).