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  1. PvP Item Acquistion

    The only difference is that PvP must do more PvE to get their stuff than PvE needs to PvP for their stuff, but the fact remains that PvE still needs to PvP for a few things. They should offer reasonable alternatives for people who want to stick to one side of gameplay.
  2. Feel lucky you got your BT Earring in the first place.
  3. No Ignitor Ring for the last 4 month

    I've done BT for nearly 4 months now and am still without Lightning Earring on my main. Meanwhile, I see lowbies/newbies and alts getting their characters fully geared on their first or first couple of runs no problem. It's pretty infuriating.
  4. When will the game get difficult?

    A lot of the challenge comes from a lack of knowledge, a lack of gear, a lack decent team mates, a lack of good connection to the servers. There are very few things that require actual player skill, and most "challenges" can be overcome by gearing up or getting in groups with geared players who are willing to carry you.
  5. It could be disabled in PvP settings.
  6. Bd or Bm?

    Well, Blade Master if you want to protect your party by tanking bosses. Tanks are usually in demand for higher level content. Blade Dancer if you just want to hit stuff and not worry too much about your party, though they can still grab enemies and provide party block for some support.
  7. The fight isn't as much about having the right gear as knowing his attack patterns and how to avoid getting hit by them.
  8. Weapon gem slots

    It matters when you get kicked out of groups because of not meeting the AP requirement and thus wasting that player's time. Lol, some people actually value time as something valuable, so when it's wasted for something that's out of the player's control, that's frustrating...
  9. Trove Question

    I've seen one on a trove screenshot. I guess, they only appear on the super rare crits, like with gilded triangle gems, or the 60x Oils crit.
  10. Weapon gem slots

    Stiill causes unnecessary inconveniences over something that shouldn't be a big deal. Having 6 slots over 5 matters, whether you accept it or not.
  11. Weapon gem slots

    Except that they are, because they provide a lot of extra AP which can mean the difference between getting to stay in a group or getting kicked due to having low AP/non-optimal weapon.
  12. Blade Dancer or Summoner?

    Haven't played Summoner, but could recommend Blade Dancer. Their high mobility and fast attack speed makes them fun to play. They're mostly there for the DPS, but they still get the option to grab enemies or party block for some additional support.
  13. Returning player need help!

    You can buy a Seraph/Baleful Stage 1 weapon at the Harvest Square for like 5 Naryu Silver (keep buying them until you get one with 6 gem slots is highly recommended). Other than that, do the story. You get most things you need from that, and work your way up from there. Get Pinnacle accessories from the lower level 50 dungeons, and try going for the legendary items from Desolate Tomb, Ebondrake Citadel and Naryu Foundry first. After that, get the legendary bracelet from Naryu Sanctum, and try getting into a clan that does BT runs for legendary elemental ring + earring.
  14. Weapon gem slots

    The gem slot system is one of the worst things about this game. At the least, they should make it so you get a guaranteed +1 slot when you upgrade to Raven/Dawnforge/Riftwalk, and then another guaranteed +1 slot when you upgrade to Aransu and whatever comes after that.
  15. Anything that makes more people play lyns in the game world is a good update for me. I don't really care about human race, slightly bigger human race or a female-only human race.
  16. BT Earrings&Ring from vendor?

    Because RNG = challenge. Lol, this community never ceases to amaze me.
  17. Login Bonus Srsly ?

    I just wish claiming the items was made more convenient. It's so many clicks just to collect the rewards for something that could've been made much more conveniently.
  18. None of the adornments that change my character's hairstyle change their colour as well...
  19. Lyn Gunner confirmed on KR(?)

    If this game was only humans and races that look like humans but only slightly taller or thinner than humans, I wouldn't have even taken a second look at it.
  20. Lvl 50 ticket is a double edge sword careful.

    Isn't the Wreath obtainable from the Achievement vendor?
  21. Lol, I've seen far more inappropriate names in the game than those...
  22. Gem slots missing in weapon

    Yeah, it's a pretty stupid system. But once you got your gem slots, you can't lose them, even when you leave Baleful/Seraph.
  23. Gem slots missing in weapon

    When you first get your legendary weapon, the number of gem slots gets randomised. You can buy a new weapon if you want to re-roll for the number of gem slots on it (recommended).
  24. Meanwhile, the existing content got upscaled, so not only does it require more effort to clear old content with the new levelled characters, but it also grants lower rewards than they did before. Great...