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  1. So i have 53GB free space on disk, i downloaded the game, and there left 15BG ( so the game weighs 37GB ). Then i started installing. Installing ate another GBs, and at the end i stopped it, because only left 4GB free space. Dafuq? And when you download the game, they recomend you to have 22GB space on disk? How much it weighs on yours computers?
  2. and what next, selling characters on market place? I saw many dumb games ideas, but anywhere class changing ticket.
  3. I have quick questions. Can i buy these stones multiple times? Can i enchant weapon with them more than one time? Can i use them after event ends? ( 13 september )
  4. This will never happen, because of afk players. Only way to make weekly challenge possible to do, is add another raid.
  5. So my laptop has also intel graphic card, and i dont know why bns was lanching by this card. After changed launching card to gtx, evrything work proppely, thanks.
  6. Can someone explain me how it is possible to have 11-17fps on laptop with these specializations : i7-7700hq 2.80ghz, gtx 1050ti, ram 8gm ddr4 and win10? I bought new pc to have higher quality of playing, but now is worse than on my old toaster. I dont know, meybe i miss something, meybe this game does not work on laptops or win10. Can someone help me?
  7. There are a lot of options which can be put in weekly challegnge, like doing some dungeons multiple times, collecting peaches, killing bosses in ssp or even 24 poharan or harbour. Why they dont add others options, no one will suffer, no one dont mind this idea. When i heared about unequalized battlegrounds, i burst out laughing and decided to never enter this place. Why you now forces us to take part in this cancerous place? Evrybody asking for change, why ncsoft cant understand, that battlegrounds is place only for high geared people? Keep doing things like this, and i am sure you will merge
  8. I agree here, something have to be done with weekly challenge. Meybe for some 3 feathers isnt that much, but it actually doubles our profit per week . The only way to farm them ( i dont even include bt ) is doing dokv and one daily challenge, what means you have 3 per week. And now tell me, who can do weekly challenge? Ofc, whales or high geared players, who can obtain feathers via BT. Why you giving them another way to farm feathers, instead of think about lower geared players? Because whales pay you, so you will make this game only for them? Some people need 60 feathers for badge, or at leas
  9. Just give option to kick those players like in others mmorpg's.
  10. I dont know what did you expect from f2p game. You think they create such a good game, and also run it for free? I am aware of that, f2p models are always p2w, this game was great just in first moths in order to encourage players to stay here, and then slowly it became pay to progress. At least they could make this pay to play, subscription looks way better, than cash shop. I played a lot of mmo like this, and evryone die because cash shop was the only way to progress. Those threads wont change mind of ncsoft, you think they care about players who dont pay? There are a lot of those who pay, an
  11. But you know that slow loading screens are caused by your low computer parameters? I also have bad pc, and loading screens tend to load for me 15-20s.
  12. You wanted to solve problem with evolved stones? Here you have, today you can get them from f10! :D
  13. Yeach i also wana see answer from developers about this matter. I already got discouraged to play this game, i see no sense in farming gold, coz i know that i will never catch up others. Evry day i see increased prices on market, decreased drop rate from dungeons and new items on f10. Looks like, ncsoft is desperated and want earn last money on this game until close...
  14. I dont know why ncsoft want to turn into gameforge company. I think evrybody in europe know what happened to games runs by gameforge.
  15. Without paying, people cant even dream about soul right now. How its possible to get even stage 10, when it cost nearly 12k gold, and we can earn 50-80g per day. But yeach... its not pay to win, just pay 5 years and you will get what you want! They will probably change it, when all whales uprage their soul to max. I will just leave my soul in peace and wait for changes. But I dont like those situations, when drop rate on some items severely decreased, and in next day we see them in f10.
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