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  1. So i have 53GB free space on disk, i downloaded the game, and there left 15BG ( so the game weighs 37GB ). Then i started installing. Installing ate another GBs, and at the end i stopped it, because only left 4GB free space. Dafuq? And when you download the game, they recomend you to have 22GB space on disk? How much it weighs on yours computers?
  2. and what next, selling characters on market place? I saw many dumb games ideas, but anywhere class changing ticket.
  3. I have quick questions. Can i buy these stones multiple times? Can i enchant weapon with them more than one time? Can i use them after event ends? ( 13 september )
  4. This will never happen, because of afk players. Only way to make weekly challenge possible to do, is add another raid.
  5. So my laptop has also intel graphic card, and i dont know why bns was lanching by this card. After changed launching card to gtx, evrything work proppely, thanks.
  6. Can someone explain me how it is possible to have 11-17fps on laptop with these specializations : i7-7700hq 2.80ghz, gtx 1050ti, ram 8gm ddr4 and win10? I bought new pc to have higher quality of playing, but now is worse than on my old toaster. I dont know, meybe i miss something, meybe this game does not work on laptops or win10. Can someone help me?
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