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  1. Steps to improve our non existend anti cheat system: A support / active game mod team who actively have a look into suspicious people. A client sided anti cheat to prevent easily hooking into the bns client. A server sided anti cheat to check suspicious movement (fly/speed hack) and other conditions. Rework of the XML structure to prevent using autocasts /cc @Hime
  2. Hello @Hime, can you have a look into this please? The UE4 update brought us many old players which mainly quit the game because of performance and no anti cheat system back. To keep this players we really need an proper anticheat system. UE4 was a success but don't destroy this succes with not adding an proper anti cheat. Thanks.
  3. Hello, can we get an option to salvage our awakend soulbadges please? Thank you. Gegi
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