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  1. Free up some wep skins for 2019?

    Is it possible we could get back the event that gave us the weapon skins on the in game market but with some other weapon skins? There are a few weapon skins that I havent been seeing very often and it would be nice if they made a return in the game. Some of honorable mention: Doomsday, Peacemaker, Rosethorn, Ragewater, Shockcollar, Seraph Illusion, Samurai weapon box and an urban legend weapon box would be nice.
  2. warrior or destroyer?

    Warrior class looks potentially fun and promising but my greatest worry (mind you this is a bit of a nitpick) is that attack speed-wise they're kinda slow based on what ive seen of them. I just hope ncsoft does them more justice than what they do to destroyers in terms of their damage. Personally if you want my opinion i'd say wait for the warrior and give it a spin when it drops.
  3. Daily Costume, why not?!

    ^This in a nutshell.
  4. Jinsoyun+raven outfits: question and suggestion...

    Or just make the outfit and mask a guaranteed drop from the raven king.
  5. Suggestions and ideas for bns

    Remove the gold cost of glamouring weapons. I can't speak for everyone personally but i think the cost to re-skin weapons is a bit on the high end. Now 20 gold might not seem like much for the average whale to churn out of their characters wallet but having to pay that amount of gold every time you want to glamour your weapon is kinda pricey (especially considering how many weapon skins and are available in the game and the fact that weapon glamour costs increase the more you climb the weapon path trees.Not to mention the daily challenge and dungeon gold nerfs.) I cant imagine what glamour costs must be like with the next 3 or 10 weapon paths that come out in the future). A suggestion id like to make is why not remove the cost all together or make the cost something along the lines of a static 50 copper or 50 silver or change the currency for weapon glamouring to naryu coin/silver or something. This would benefit not just the low level players but just collectors of weapon skins all together in general. I dont think this should hurt the game/company in anyway shape or form cause the player base is already paying for the stuff with real world cash/ncoin/in game gold/HM coins anyways. So with that being said this shouldn't be too harmful to the to the game. (Let me know what you guys think of this). Give the players the ability to glamour their weapon appearance to a weapon they've already upgraded past. So say for instance you're a BM and you have an aransu sword but you're tired of seeing it and you want your sword to look like a raven sword or a seraph sword or a rift walk sword or a dawn forge sword (if you've hopped from weapon path to weapon path) give the players the option to do that or create the weapon variants ive described on the dragon express and let the players be able to get the skins with some kind of currency (so for example you could put a raven weapon skin on the dragon express and let it be purchasable with raven feathers or something of the like). Who knows, maybe in the future these weapon paths might be removed similar to how scorpiothis idea could even be implemented in the form of an event or something. Give destroyers a phantom grip. Let destros have a range grab similar to blade dancers and force masters but let the grab still follow the same criteria as the regular grab meaning the enemy player has to be stunned dazed or knocked down or in some kind of block/guard stance before you can grab the target at a distance. This would help to add some fluidity when fighting as a destro because some times I stun a target and move in to grab said target but nothing happens and my grab goes on cd. Maybe its the hit boxes with the game itself, maybe its lag. Im not entirely sure but regardless this happens to me from time to time and its a bit frustrating. It would be nice if destroyers got a phantom grab similar to BD's and FM's. So that's it. Let me know what you guys think of these ideas in the comment. Do you agree with my ideas? Let me know. If you think these ideas are dumb, give your reasons and feedback. With all that said, have a good day laddies and gents.
  6. Hey bns dev's. Just kindly asking if you could please rotate the following items on your today's special section of the hongmoon store at some point in time: doom's day and samurai weapon pack and the yunmafei hairstyle. I have a few hongmoon coins left and I'd really like to get my hands on these please and thanks.
  7. Merchant of Wonders

    Also could we get a preview picture of the new weapon skins that come with this event if thats not too much to ask?