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  1. Thanks for your service to the B&S community. All the best on your future endeavors! o7
  2. I 've been a frequent user of these charms and I found that it's kinda annoying that: you have to wait up to 30mins until you can use any of these charms. the cool down timer doesn't reset after leaving dungeon. there are various kinds of them (Quick, HM Instant, Instant Mass, Rapid Revival, Rapid Resurrection). So I'd like to put up suggestions: the cool down time can be reduced from 30mins to shorter time like 10mins. the cool down timer should reset once we leave or enter different dungeon instances. having only one type of revival item that ca
  3. I'm not sure as well on how to get "The Price of Progress" title, now that weapon leveling system has changed. For the "Ascendant" title, you can also get it by upgrading Blackram Narrow or Tomb of Exile accessories. The trick is to use multiple amounts of rare level accessories in one go.
  4. To put it simply, just play what you can enjoy. Sooner or later you may no longer need the glove because of gear updates, or it can be cheaply exchanged from merchants, or get from troves, or some other ways. Not really worth it to stress over the wipe mechanics when you have very high ping to begin with. That's the biggest disadvantage for anyone playing this game.
  5. You get pet gems by transmuting (open your inventory (I) and click on Transmute icon at the bottom to access). Once you get your story quest and side story quests to the latest, go farm Moonlight Bud at Moon Refuge and trade them for higher accessories from a merchant there. As for gold farming, best I can recommend for newbies are completing min. daily quests, possibly Cold Storage + Heaven's Mandate daily, Moon Refuge (you want to get the Star Crates which may grant gold nuggets you can sell for 5g each), and also Skybreak Spires once a week.
  6. Pardon, but which server are you in? I may have a sealed Alpine bracer on EU server. Try look around in f5 if anyone else is selling it.
  7. Assuming all the prices above are from f5, I don't think it's right to blame NCS/NCW. It's the community who decide the prices of those items, and as @Grimoir pointed out, more demand results in higher prices. That's basic economy. As the weapons & accessories progresses, players will need more & more mats to upgrade their gears. Should the dev team start create ceiling price for each items on the market in order to manage the economy? Most likely they will recommend you buying from f10 instead.
  8. Try lowering or switching off effects for other players? That helped stabilize the game's fps in my case.
  9. If it weren't for the main story's still ongoing chapters I would've also stopped playing B&S. It's a pity most of the lower dungeons are no longer active, while the top ones can be too difficult for casuals and newbies. I agreed with OP's comment that the some bosses' mechanics at certain level are too rigid and punishing. I don't enjoy it particularly when I'm running with random players because they will tend to rage quit or throw insults when wiped or not clearing fast enough. The game needs to be more inclusive towards all players new and veterans, and more fle
  10. Extra golds for Radiant Energy and 7-days premium confirmed in my account. Many thanks for the latter, as my inventory's getting full of costumes.. LOL
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