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  1. With the upcoming 2nd Anniversary patch, I believe they should somehow integrate the 1st Anniversary Costume be it purchasable with NCOIN and/or HMCOIN or even event tokens as players like myself started a month or two after the 1st anniversary. Yes, this does not seem fair to players who were here since day one however I believe that players are also looking into getting the 1st anniversary costume, particularly the hair costume. So I highly suggest to find a way to add the costume into Cash Shop or via Token Exchange (2nd anniversary Event). I am sure I am not the only player wanting to have it on our inventory. I really hope NCWest considers this as it was part of an anniversary event. And if you are a player who wishes for this to makes its way back into the game, just state yourself and that you do want it back as well. Reference:
  2. Send me a message for price if you have one or know of one for sale Thanks!