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  1. They said it wouldn't be closed to replies but it was... Just making this post to clear any confusion. >-> I did provide links as proof and while the conversations might not have been in game, correct me if I'm wrong, his victims were B&S players. And to the mod who responded, the whole point of that post was that I did send a ticket to the support team and they just completely glossed over what I said without taking it into serious consideration. Thank you all for your replies. 


    Edit: The links had tons of screenshots and proof. So I didn't feel the need to add the screenshots myself in the ticket since they were just a click away. 

  2. Actually, I thought about it a bit more after talking with some other people and I'm starting to understand your side. I'm more so defending their right to do it, but you're correct. It is kind of a dick move.  You guys also have every right to complain. I can see how that would be upsetting. Who knows, maybe they'll see this and something will change. Most likely not, but we can't know for sure. They're just satisfying their whales while if they made it a lower price, more people would have bought it and more people would have been happy. And in the end, they might have made just as much if not more money. From a business point, that was quite stupid. Forgive me for the confusion. I retract my earlier comments. 

  3. When did I say I'm gonna buy it...? I can't afford that shit. I don't understand why people are complaining because they don't have to buy it; it's not essential. And while who knows, maybe it was a dumb choice on Nc's part to make it so pricey, regardless, they still have every right to do it. That's all I'm saying. 


  4. Don't get me wrong, I also agree with it being overpriced. But I mean, it makes sense why they did this with gunner coming out. They are a business after all. Maybe it was a stupid move and they would have made more money if they lowered the price. But I like, I don't get why people are complaining. You don't have to buy it and while it's annoying, they didn't technically do anything wrong. 

  5. I understand that it's upsetting but like, they need to make money. It's a F2P game, what do you expect? They have to make money somewhere. It is a bit pricey for one outfit, but it's also just cosmetic. It's not as if this is something essential to gameplay.