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  1. 14 hours ago, Sayahell said:

    ofc works bns buddy buddy with xml !!! y can system change  like mod using !   ppl make video how y use it !!  IN NA y can see how a sin play use this !!!  only Better a clan show how use it in challenge Mode on Reddit .....  But all proofs from GM or NC soft  are delete !!!

    You can't even use xml edits on bnsbuddy anymore. Stop putting the blame on bnsbuddy. 

  2. On 2020-07-30 at 1:08 AM, FlyAbyss said:

    Hi :) , 


    one thing I can tell you about the game and the support.

    They don't care.
    Yeah the game get  worse and worse with every Patch and the support give a sh.. about his players.
    Maybe I don't spend enough money in game , to be one of the chosen ones that get helped from them.

    that's how it goes:

    Since 3 months not only  I have in game ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ fps / freez / Lag, my friends and klan mate's too, but oh support will help u what a great joke.

    I only have the problems with BnS, all other high end games run perfect on my pc.
    8 days with the support and done all whole pc reset, new installation of the game, start with special rights, send dxdiag, hijackthis data, talked to my internet provider , used vpn nothing helps, talked to my  pc specialist, he says my pc and internet running perfect, the game server is the problem by me that only the support can solve.
    Cool 3 years spend over 9000,- for 💸nothing💸, because I cant play the game anymore.
    The support says we cant help u anymore please contact your internet provider or a pc specialist really, is not like I've don't done this in this 8 days written with support, so you get ignored, but hey support says it's my PC my PC  NOT the game or the server xD. 
    Now we play another game and have fun and omg what a surprise no problems in it, but remember it's my Pc. 

    The only thing I can say is it feels nice to quit and I won't accept to install bns buddy just to run the game on sh.. graphics, but a bit acceptable performance.

    So don't be worried about the current game problems it's not the games fault, it's your pc xD .

    Maybe the support can help you xD (sry) maybe not.

    I hope it's really just your pc and u can play the game better after contacting the support or you're one of us 🤤. You just get 8 wonderful days with support, for destroying your pc and most of the time u get ignored what you write, but maybe some of there nonsense they talking will help you.
    Who knows how there game work's.


    After all this, have a wonderful day and play something that work for you. 🤗

    Do you have an NVidia gpu? If so, I could lend you a hand ;)

  3. 8 hours ago, Oupy said:

    i hope  one day they will realise how bad  bns buddy and xml editing  is bad for the game and especially bad for pvp and ban it or do check files  once the game load if the  files were edited the game will exit and download the legit files.

    BnS Buddy itself is a life saver for the game and you can't deny that. It's the people that abuses of it's features that makes the game unpleasant for others.

  4. 2 hours ago, Gabrielajrs said:

    Hello everyone :HajoonCheer:, I hope someone can help me.


    Since last night I have not been able to enter bns.
    In my house, my sister and I play bns, same pc to play, and unfortunately in my country the internet connection is super unstable, the internet goes off every certain hours, but yesterday it went at intervals of 3 to 5 min. At that time, my sister, tired of fighting with the internet to play, tells me that she gives up, that she leaves the pc to me, in what I feel and enter (I use bns buddy) I put my email and password, I give play and the pc throws the message that the game is opening, but then it opens again in bns buddy ... I tried many times until I gave up and decided to open the Launcher ...

    When I register my credentials to access the launcher I get this message:


    "Failed to read content data from the update server. Check your network environment (ISP authentication, NAC, firewall, antivirus and other settings) and try again"


    Every time I opened, I made sure I had internet and turned off the antivirus.

    Today, I uninstalled the game, the launcher and buddy and reinstalled them, I did it twice. Remove the antivirus from my pc ... Nothing worked, I still can't get in.

    Somebody could help me? We want to play, but it's being impossible.

    Any ideas would greatly appreciate it.

    I apologize for my bad English, my native language is Spanish ... I am learning English, I promise to improve.

    Thanks to everyone beforehand.


    PS: My sister was playing and all right a few moments before I tried to play, in fact I taught her some dungeon mechanics, I can swear that everything was perfect until that fall of the internet, where she got annoyed and I wanted to enter and This whole problem started ... help!:HajoonConfused:

    if the game fails to open on bns buddy, make sure to uninstall the d912pxy mod properly (no d3d9.dll in bin64 folder)
    and try turning on multiclient in extras. With these steps, you should be able to launch the game.



  5. 3 hours ago, maystro said:

    i will try this for sure thanks

    You need to fix the nvidia profile for BnS...
    They never bothered fixing it.

    Use Nvidia profile Inspector to add the client using absolute path.
    And delete the profile called Client.exe.
    Should do the trick ;)

  6. 8 minutes ago, amokk said:

    I don't need to read your previous post to tell you that you're wrong.

    What I do know is that you CAN cheat with it. I have 10-20ms ping (80-100 ingame). You can squeeze 35 RMBs as Sin in 10seconds with XML-Edit. It doesnt matter what I try, I can never go above 32 - and 32 is the MAXIMUM, which I don't often get (need 0 stutters, 0 ping spikes to get that many RMBs in 10s).

    just another ignorant.

  7. 15 minutes ago, Makabe said:

    I think this all discution is stupid becouse:

    players that said XML edition is OK said it is ok onyly if some group of players can do it(and that isnt fair, if some grou can do, and some cant do on server)

    players that said XML edition isnt OK said it is cheat, and it is hight ping players foult for their ping.


    I know all players wanna have almost 0ms, all players wanna have 120fps all time, and max graphic settiongs, but hey we cant have all we wanna.

    Just stop for a moment and think: i wrote in my previous post if we said someone can cheat, then all can cheat. I know hight ping players wanna edit XML to have better gameplay, but if we go that way all players with low ping can say "I wanna have 0ping" or "I wanna have 0 CD skill" or "I wann infinity hp", you know what i mean? Cheat is cheat it isnt matter what cheat you use it allways be cheat, and if we say "cheat are legal" it wont be for one group but for all if we wanna be fair.

    Titernia I dont want to offend you but it wikipedia isnt rly good source for this discution, becouse it is created by people like me,you, and other players, you can write there whatever you want.

    From perspectiove of WoW from what i know Wow havd ginat exodus(I dont play it, but my friend told me).

    Playing with KR,CH, and other regions? You wanna see, me too, becouse it will be tragic, when ppl cant use editet XML, hack, cheats, macro and other shits and must fight fair with top players that fight fair.(I dont wanna offend anyone).

    they edit the xml in the first place and use different launcher because ncsoft does a terrible job.
    Is xml editing cheating? could be, depends what the player wants to modify.
    is using GCD cheating? Nope. Read my previous post.

  8. Some people did not understand clearly what I said.
    People with lower ping to start with won't have any change.
    Therefor, they can't take advantage of that option since they don't any delay to start with(almost).

    It's not cheating. 
    And many games uses it: World of Warcrat, Diablo Series, Rift...

    Why NCSoft failed?
    Some skills uses animations, you can set a cd between animations (waiting completion)
    so you can use the next one. Why does making GCD lower breaking animations(ani-cancel)?
    because they did not implement it properly.

    Look at SF, left click's haves your left click locked while animation. BUT not right click.
    so making a L-R-L cancels animation and allows you to attack faster to start with without waiting
    for animation to complete before next attack while keeping the dps.

    Low-ping players to start with uses ani-cancel a LOT, and you don't need to modify GCD for it, since you're low ping.
    and even modifying it won't change a damn thing.

    So for High-ping players can't ani-cancel because they have such a HUGE delay between them and server.
    So to compensate that, we have global cooldown. It's supposed to be the same value as your average ping so you don't have to experience that
    chunky attack speed and be able to keep up with the enemies's dps.

    Hope that clarified a bit.

  9. for all the people that claims using "Global CoolDown" is speedhacking aka cheating.
    Get your facts straight. IT is NOT! ~Sorry in advance if this "triggers" you~

    Global CD is what helps high ping players to remove the delay there is between every action depending on ping.
    ON MANY MMORPG, they are mostly ALL using this setting to help players play even with slightly higher ping.

    It's NCsoft's own fault for not implementing this properly in the Client.
    Some games requires manual setup for this option in settings.
    Some doesn't because it's "on-the-go".
    meaning it adjusts itself depending on your average ping.


    Now stop claiming everytime you lose in pvp that it's a xml user or find any ridiculous reasons to ban players who wants to play as equally as low ping players.
    Even for low-ping players to use this setting, not only helps them too to get rid of delay, but it should for you too IF YOU WERE USING IT TOO.

    Now get off the boards and learn how to play pvp and start mastering your class.
    This is getting really out-of-hand. I'm not even mad about that, just ignorant people that ticks me off.