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  1. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Will deeply miss you... Thanks for having us. -Endless, BnS Buddy Founder
  2. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    we'll miss you... -Endless, BnS Buddy Community
  3. And the "universal fix" for most nvidia users on bns got completely ignored, feelsbadman.
  4. Then I'll put my ideas here of why you're capped OR having bad performance. Try Clearing your FTH Entries in Regedit -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\FTH\State (All client.exe within this subkey) Fix your NVIDIA gaming profile -> you can ignore reshade part. ( )
  5. I am lost I need some help :/

    You need to fix the nvidia profile for BnS... They never bothered fixing it. Use Nvidia profile Inspector to add the client using absolute path. And delete the profile called Client.exe. Should do the trick ;)
  6. they edit the xml in the first place and use different launcher because ncsoft does a terrible job. Is xml editing cheating? could be, depends what the player wants to modify. is using GCD cheating? Nope. Read my previous post.
  7. Some people did not understand clearly what I said. People with lower ping to start with won't have any change. Therefor, they can't take advantage of that option since they don't any delay to start with(almost). It's not cheating. And many games uses it: World of Warcrat, Diablo Series, Rift... Why NCSoft failed? Some skills uses animations, you can set a cd between animations (waiting completion) so you can use the next one. Why does making GCD lower breaking animations(ani-cancel)? because they did not implement it properly. Look at SF, left click's haves your left click locked while animation. BUT not right click. so making a L-R-L cancels animation and allows you to attack faster to start with without waiting for animation to complete before next attack while keeping the dps. Low-ping players to start with uses ani-cancel a LOT, and you don't need to modify GCD for it, since you're low ping. and even modifying it won't change a damn thing. So for High-ping players can't ani-cancel because they have such a HUGE delay between them and server. So to compensate that, we have global cooldown. It's supposed to be the same value as your average ping so you don't have to experience that chunky attack speed and be able to keep up with the enemies's dps. Hope that clarified a bit.
  8. for all the people that claims using "Global CoolDown" is speedhacking aka cheating. Get your facts straight. IT is NOT! ~Sorry in advance if this "triggers" you~ Global CD is what helps high ping players to remove the delay there is between every action depending on ping. ON MANY MMORPG, they are mostly ALL using this setting to help players play even with slightly higher ping. It's NCsoft's own fault for not implementing this properly in the Client. Some games requires manual setup for this option in settings. Some doesn't because it's "on-the-go". meaning it adjusts itself depending on your average ping. Now stop claiming everytime you lose in pvp that it's a xml user or find any ridiculous reasons to ban players who wants to play as equally as low ping players. Even for low-ping players to use this setting, not only helps them too to get rid of delay, but it should for you too IF YOU WERE USING IT TOO. Now get off the boards and learn how to play pvp and start mastering your class. This is getting really out-of-hand. I'm not even mad about that, just ignorant people that ticks me off.